Shots Fired?

WATCH THIS: Who Pulled A Knife On Fantan Mojah?

WATCH THIS: Who Pulled A Knife On Fantan Mojah?

Violent Threat Causes Lion To Roar

Recently, a controversial video surfaced where Fantan Mojah accuses an un-named artist of pulling a knife on him. Fanton Mojah sees the violation as a major disrespect because it is someone that he respects and had a friendship with. Fantan Mojah  demands a public apology from said artist, causing many to speculate about who the artist is referring to as “The Kid” and “God”.  Fantan Mojah never mentions what precipitated the argument, just states “Why you get offended over truth?” More After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: M.I.A. “Double Bubble Trouble” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: M.I.A. "Double Bubble Trouble" Official Music Video

Maya & Partysquad Connect On a Reggae-Flavored Matangi Raveup

Remember that song you used to sing when you were a kid? “Uh-ohhh you’re in trouble.” Well MIA and Partysquad have updated it for her latest album, Matangi, adding a reggae backbeat and some grown up lyrics: “I step up in the game and burst your bubble.”  This week she dopped the vid, which was directed by MIA herself. Looks bad girls do it right. The new visuals shows the making of fully functional guns using a 3D printer at home? Sound far fetched? They can burst more than a bubblle. Welcome to the future, circa 2014. This ain’t no kids stuff. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Flexx Calls For Truce Between Bounty Killa And Mavado

HEAR THIS: Flexx Calls For Truce Between Bounty Killa And Mavado

Former Alliance member Flexx wants peace for Dancehall giants Mavado and Bounty Killa

There is trouble on the Gullyside as Jamaican artists Bounty Killa and Mavado—a former members of the Alliance—have launched into a lyrical battle over a range of past differences. Mavado’s longtime bredren Flexx went on to leave Alliance and signed to Hapilos 21, while Mavado has been spending time in America after signing to DJ Khaled’s record label We The Best. Bounty Killa has released several diss tracks striking out against Mavado—the latest of which, “Kill and Destroy” on the red-hot “Good Book” riddim, is a direct reponse to Mavado’s track on the same riddim—and despite reports that the Gully God has put the lyrical battle behind him, the We The Best artist continues to release music that sounds like it subliminally targets the Alliance team. Bounty Killa was booed off stage in Jamaica for speaking negative words about Mavado and members of his Gully Squad crew  and now Mavado’s new track “Do Wah Yuh Waan ” is rumored to be a direct launch at The Five Star General Bounty Killer.  Dancehall has a long history of clash and rivalry, but nobody wants to see things get out of hand. To prevent a never-ending battle that could lead to someone getting hurt, Flexx has broken the silence and spoken out against the rivalry.  Audio after the Jump  

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WATCH THIS: Masicka “Born Killa” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Masicka "Born Killa" Official Music Video

The “Sicka Than Them” DJ Discusses His Issues With Aidonia

That dude holding the baby crocodile? That’s Masicka. If you’re not up on dancehall’s next to bust, time to get familiar. As his name would suggest, he’s a born killa. Also his style is “sicka than then,” Hailing from a place called “Sin City” in Portmore Jamaica, Masicka has been making a name for himself with his dazzling displays of lyrical prowess. Last year he linked up with Subkonshus Records and dropped a crazy mixtape known as The Sikk Tape hosted by Konshens. Last month Masicka dropped a wicked tune called “The Truth,” a lyrical shot aimed at Aidonia and his JOP crew. Reshma B asked Masicka to explain the story behind their disagreement in this exclusive interview. Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Mavado “Nah Do A Ting” PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: Mavado "Nah Do A Ting" PREMIERE

Gully Gaad Links With DJ Frass To Get Something Off His Chest

Mavado has a deal with DJ Khaled but he’s still going hard on the dancehall circuit, dropping hot verses on all the latest juggling riddims out of Jamaica. Today we’re proud to premiere a new one-off tune he recorded with DJ Frass. It seems like Mavado has something to get off his chest. There’s no telling who he’s addressing on this tune, but let’s hope the healing power of music helps him cool off and stay focused. Nobody wants to see Mavado get vexAudio After The Jump… Read more »

Tanya Stephens Shells Down NYC’s SOB’s

Tanya Stephens Shells Down NYC's SOB's

Di Original Gangstress Bruk Down NYC

Tanya Stephens touched down at New York’s world famous SOB’s Friday night. Patrons were greeted by the original gangstress in all her glory. Tanya stepped on the stage to a packed house and wasted no time in riffling through a series of her classics. Seasoned favorites like “You Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet” and “Handle The Ride” were belted word for word by fans, especially from the outnumbering female contingent. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Collie Buddz “Payback’s A B**ch”

HEAR THIS: Collie Buddz "Payback's A B**ch"

What Goes Around Comes Around

If you are experiencing some kind of payback then you probably screwed up somewhere down the line. But if you are paying back as Collie Budz’s ex you really dun f*cked up!

”It’s crazy the amount of girl rate me” — Excruciating

”All of your friends whan date me” – OUCH !!

Someone stop this boy! Have mercy!! Whoever this song has been written for can not be in a good way right now. Looks like even fit blokes get taken for a ride sometimes. Collie Buddz is going in on this track and it’s not a pretty situation on the receiving end. Sounds like ‘all the lies’ finally got to him. “Overnight when you go to sleep know that some other gal have me week…. and you know that you’re missing me.” Looks like it could be right on cue for ‘Baby Girl’ to take that looooooong holiday…. It’s time to fall off the radar and disappear for a little while. The message is clear: Don’t mess around on Buddz—he’s not just a pretty face AND payback sure sounds like a ‘b**ch’! Audio After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Tifa “Taste Good”

HEAR THIS: Tifa "Taste Good"

Her Name’s Always In Some People Mouth—Must Be Sweet Like A Lollipop

Last time I chatted with Tifa she had a lot to address. As she herself put it, “if nobody knew who Tifa was, they do now.” The Dancehall Princess has been getting lots of word-of-mouth advertising, the kind you don’t have to pay for—cause hate is the new love. Over the last few months Tifa’s had to deal with a lot of heat, and it seems like 2013 is all about the get-back. In true dancehall stylee Tifa’s churning out the tunes—first came “Champion Bubbler,” then “Why Yuh Mad,” then “Hypocrite Smile” and now this banger on the Washroom Entertainment label. Pour it on!! If you ain’t got the message yet then sumfin’ wrong. She’s spinning it around & serving it up to her haters on a platter. “My name must taste good cause its always in your mouth,” Tifa chats. If you think about it, it makes sense. You only put things in your mouth if you enjoy them. There must be some voracious appetites out there. In this case T.I.F.A is a delicacy so mouthwatering your mind cannot move even slightly from having it. She even has a line for the gluttinous: “Chew pon me name till you sick.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Bad Up Who”

No Bwoy Can Beat Busy

By the sound of this new Jukeboxx Production, it would appear that somebody’s been running their mouth of late, acting up and chatting fuckery bout the Hotthead. But Busy’s got some pointed questions for all those spreading loose arguments. (“Them say box inna face—when? How?? Which guy?”) And if logic doesn’t sway them, there’s always the heavy metal. Sound it!  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Serani “Paper”

When It Comes To Handling His Business, The Singer Is Playing No Games
Remember last July when Serani broke away from the Daseca production team? At the time the situation seemed like an amicable split. “I’ve watched my partners Craig and David grow substantially through sheer hard work,” Serani said at the time. “I believe that I should give them room to spread their wings… They’re very very talented brothers. I just believe that maybe we’d be better off doing out own thing. I’m not saying Daseca is split for good. Who knows what can happen in years to come? Craig and David are like my brothers, so no split and no negative vibe.” Well, that was then. But today we received a new tune from Serani’s Rockstone Media that tells a different story. Although no names are mentioned, it seems like this one might be directed at his former partners. He even references the early Serani & Bugle hit “Doh” and updates the line, saying “Me never know some of me friend dem no like me.” Check the tune and decide for yourself. Audio After The Jump… 

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HEAR THIS: Black Ryno “Courage”

After Getting Pushed Offstage At Sting, Ryno Pushes Back At Popcaan

Over the years, Sting has been known for lyrical clashes, but the biggest buzz this year was about the clashes that didn’t quite happen. We’ve all heard about how Spice was waiting for Macka with a donkey but Macka never turned up. And while Popcaan was performing, Blak Ryno stepped on the stage with a mic in his hand, ready to battle. But instead of a lyrical contest, Papi pushed him off the stage, touching off a scuffle. Now “Di Stinger” links with Stashment Records to give his side of the drama. “Wash your hair badman—keep it clean.” Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Iyara “Murder Dem” Video

Iyara Stands Up For His General By Letting Shots Fly At Tommy Lee

Iyara reacts as any good soldier would if his general was threatened. It was only a matter of time before the Alliance would respond to Tommy Lee’s “Goat Head” Tune, and what a response it was. Iyara holds nothing back as he vividly describes what he would do to Tommy Lee if he ever comes at the warlord again promising to turn the demon of Sparta into a martyr. Let’s hope it doesn’t escalate passed music – Hit the jump to listen. Read more »