HEAR THIS: Black Ryno “Courage”

After Getting Pushed Offstage At Sting, Ryno Pushes Back At Popcaan

Over the years, Sting has been known for lyrical clashes, but the biggest buzz this year was about the clashes that didn’t quite happen. We’ve all heard about how Spice was waiting for Macka with a donkey but Macka never turned up. And while Popcaan was performing, Blak Ryno stepped on the stage with a mic in his hand, ready to battle. But instead of a lyrical contest, Papi pushed him off the stage, touching off a scuffle. Now “Di Stinger” links with Stashment Records to give his side of the drama. “Wash your hair badman—keep it clean.” Audio After The Jump…

“Bwoy you shoulda kept it lyrical” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/BLAK RYNO – COURAGE(POPCAAN DIS) – STASHMENT-21ST.mp3]

Check his OnStage Interview, as Ryno details his issues with Popcaan
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