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“Put the Dance Back Inna Dancehall”

When Bay-C of the millennial dancehall supergroup T.O.K and veteran DJ Xyclone of the Red Square crew topped the iTunes Reggae chart last week with a #1 debut, it’s safe to say that their fun, energetic collaborative EP Flawless Victory exceeded even their own bold expectations. “I’m very elated,” says Xyclone, whose previous track record of success earned him the moniker “charting king.” When Xyclone reached out to Bay-C, the seasoned hitmaker jumped at the chance to collaborate. “From the T.O.K days until now I’ve always been one to watch and see who ah make moves inna the streets,” Bay-C told Boomshots. “I saw that Xyclone ah do him thing for quite some time and silently ah conquer the game.” They joined forces to make a straight-up Dancehall project at a time when the genre was ready for a big victory. Self-proclaimed pundits and even some producers have been quick to write the genre off while experimenting with the fusion of Afrobeats and Trap. Moreover, this particular victory is taking place during a week when the Bob Marley bio-pic One Love is the #1 movie in the world. I think it was very important for us to send a message that we still have people out there who support Dancehall,” Xyclone declares. Today at 12 noon EST, Boomshots proudly premieres the first music video from one of the hottest dancehall projects of the new year. Shot in the streets of Kingston, Get Inna The Groove” was produced by Dee Master and features the choreographic creativity of Pata Skeng. Peep the vibrant visuals below and check out the reasoning with Bay-C and Xyclone aka the charting king.”  Video After The Jump…  

So Bay-C, how did this collaboration come to be?

BAY-C: Well you know Bay-C is an artist who always keep him ears to the street. From the T.O.K days till now I’ve always been one to watch and see who ah make moves inna the streets. And I saw that Xyclone ah do him thing for quite some time and silently ah conquer the game—so that was an interest for me. And then Xyclone did reach out and say “Bwoy, I know you doin’ your music and you have a big market in Europe.” Him wan’ do a show or a tour. And mi ah say, “Yo, before we do that mek we just do a song.” And by the next day mi say, “Mek we just do a project.”

And the result is your first #1  project as a solo artist. Unity really is strength!

BAY-C: I figure if we do something that is collective then we can tour it. More than just him do ah fi him thing and me do my thing. So that’s where it came from, it was a concept of working together on a project that we then can tour the world and share with the people.” “Yeah, definitely not my first rodeo. A lot of times when you get a hit song you get a lot of followers. Mi know me have people actually support me as an artist. Mi give thanks for that. 

So Xyclone, how do you feel about your latest success?

XYCLONE: How I feel about the success of Flawless Victory? Very elated. Big up Bay-C. In a time when people don’t really buy music anymore, and a lot of people consume their music through streaming platforms, I think it was very important for us to send a message that people still do support their favorite artists. And especially during a time when the Bob Marley movie just drop and Bob Marley literally tied up the charts —1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10—for us to come and take that top spot, I think that also sends a message that people still buy music and we have people out there who still support dancehall.

To what do your attribute this major success?

XYCLONE: Two things: One, definitely my core fanbase, Uzimi? Mi have a set of people that anytime me drop anything—whether that be T-shirts, whether I keep parties, when I’ma drop albums—them always always always support my tiung. Real fans, not just internet followers, Uzimi? That’s my biggest attribute. And then just hard work. From the day the EP was released, Bay-C and I we did a show in Boston. Then we left Boston and hit Baltimore, we left Baltimore and drive to New York City, Uzimi? We left desso and do Bronx. So we did Brooklyn then Bronx. Just in the streets, getting sales, getting people to go on their phones in these shows. Signing autographs, CDs, taking pictures with fans, making ourselves visible and not just an idea on the internet. Dem ting deh very important and that’s why I think it’s doing so well. Becaw we actually connect with the people inna the street.

“Nothin’ beat the street.” 

What’s the vibe of the new single?

XYCLONE: So the new single “Get Inna The Groove” we actually voice da song deh at a time when the music did kinda dark. Whole heap ah trappin’ songs and that kinda energy deh weh Jamaica has been goin’ through for the past maybe three to four years. We felt like there needs to be more happy music—there is some, but there definitely needs to be more. So we definitely went that direction deh. Happy music. Put back the dance inna dancehall. So feel good music for the people them. Something weh people can dance to. The lyrics speak for itself.”

And what’s the concept of the video?

XYCLONE: Basically is just like, outside inna the street. Jamaica, we ah party.  Big up Energy Kid, Pata Skeng. Big Up the producer Dee Master. Big up JD, him actually built a challenge pon TikTok and it’s growing immensely every day. We just ah watch it, see how it ah go. And we have big plans for a song like that.

You’ve had great success with previous projects. Do you feel some people are sleeping on the “charting king”?

XYCLONE: Definitely not my first rodeo. Like I said I big up to the people that every time I drop records my fans—not just followers—they go out and buy the music and support the music and that’s very important. A lot of times as artists when you get a hit song you get a lot of followers. They’re not necessarily your fans.  Me’s a youth, me keep parties already and there’s thousands of people that came out to my party. So me know say me have people who actually support me as an artist. They’re real Xyclone fans. So I’m never scared to drop a project. I always feel like I’m gonna get support.

And do I feel like I’m being overlooked? Not really. I feel like every gladiator have them stadium. And this is my stadium. So if you wan’ play ball you haffi come inna my stadium. Some artists are stronger pon Youtube, some are stronger on Spotify, and mi strong pon the charts. Cause I have people actually support my music. So anybody who feel like them wan’ match up toe to toe pon the charts, just forward. Uzimi ah say?”


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