Tanya Stephens Shells Down NYC’s SOB’s

Di Original Gangstress Bruk Down NYC

Tanya Stephens touched down at New York’s world famous SOB’s Friday night. Patrons were greeted by the original gangstress in all her glory. Tanya stepped on the stage to a packed house and wasted no time in riffling through a series of her classics. Seasoned favorites like “You Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet” and “Handle The Ride” were belted word for word by fans, especially from the outnumbering female contingent.


Even at 40 Tanya still possessed all the zeal and command of the mic that had won her fans in her youth, her voice still as fresh as her “Big Things A Gwaan” days and lyrics still in check, but Tanya has matured. No more tunes about who man she take or can take rather, she’s settled down, found love and her new music reflects that. After a medley of her newer songs Tanya reverted to her “gangstress” persona and made a note to remind the females in attendance the cater to their men or else another woman will. 

Tanya Stephens new album “Guilty” is available on iTunes right now.

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