HEAR THIS: Collie Buddz “Payback’s A B**ch”

What Goes Around Comes Around

If you are experiencing some kind of payback then you probably screwed up somewhere down the line. But if you are paying back as Collie Budz’s ex you really dun f*cked up!

”It’s crazy the amount of girl rate me” — Excruciating

”All of your friends whan date me” – OUCH !!

Someone stop this boy! Have mercy!! Whoever this song has been written for can not be in a good way right now. Looks like even fit blokes get taken for a ride sometimes. Collie Buddz is going in on this track and it’s not a pretty situation on the receiving end. Sounds like ‘all the lies’ finally got to him. “Overnight when you go to sleep know that some other gal have me week…. and you know that you’re missing me.” Looks like it could be right on cue for ‘Baby Girl’ to take that looooooong holiday…. It’s time to fall off the radar and disappear for a little while. The message is clear: Don’t mess around on Buddz—he’s not just a pretty face AND payback sure sounds like a ‘b**ch’! Audio After The Jump…

Let it go…

And do remember Collie Buddz will be at SOBs NYC April 18 for another Boomshots Reggae Night

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