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We last met up with Addis Pablo in 2017, at the Greensleeves Records 40th Anniversary on his dad, Augustus Pablo’s birthday, June 21.  He spoke of how his dad taught him all the basic chords and melodies and how he was working very hard to become his “own creative force.” Since then Addis Pablo paid tribute to his father in 2018, alongside his sister, Isis Swaby at the Apple Store New York in Williamsburg, drawing a diverse crowd of VP Records executives and “The Nomads.” Now he releases the visual for “From Morning,” a collaboration with Shanique Marie, and a single off his Majestic Melodies EP.   Interview and Video After The Jump


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Interview with Addis Pablo:

Angel: Greetings Addis, so great to catch up with you again. Last time we spoke was the Greensleeves Records 40th Anniversary.

Addis: Bless up Angel, yes on my dad’s birthday. We did the tribute at the Apple Store in New York this year.

Angel: How was it?

Addis: It was so great I saw Pat and some other people from VP Records and “The Nomads” came out to support. It was so great to do this tribute with my sister, Isis and draw a crowd of various ages and backgrounds. It was a crowd of collective and eclectic lovers of music and dub.

Angel: That’s awesome to hear.  I have to say that this collaboration with you and Shanique Marie sounds amazing. Loved this dub and how it had a very unique sound with Shanique’s vocals. How did you create the magic in studio?

Addis: I actually produced the riddim five years ago, then I worked with Gavin from Equiknoxx Music on my Majestic Melodies mixtape and he produced a song with Masicka, Shanique and I called “Lighters.” I knew we would work together again but did not know exactly when. So we were all at the same studio and I played this riddim and she started off with some humming and her creative process and then she began to sing the vocals and it was all pretty spontaneous. I try to make very unique riddims, but Shanique’s vocals on “From Morning,”added a different dimension.



Angel: The visual was really lush and beautiful.

Addis: It was directed by 6 Angles and shot in the hills of Irish Town where we all stay and also on Orange Street, a popular street in Kingston, Jamaica. A few shots were in front of my dads Rockers International Record Shop, which we keep up and running. In the video you will see mural paintings of my dad, Augustus Pablo, Dennis Emmanuel Brown, who grew up on that street and Gregory Isaacs, who also had a record store nearby.

Angel: Wow three music legends, and the imagery of you and Shanique sitting in front of that legacy.  So what’s next for you Addis?

Addis: I’m working on some modern remixes of some of my dad’s original tunes, linking up with Suns of Dub, and I will release some more videos, but I’m about to embark on a East Coast followed by West Coast Tour of the USA. It starts on October 25 in Philadelphia and then the first week of November we will link with the New York City family and fans.

Angel: Thats cool, look forward to hearing your new tunes live. Tell us about some of the other collaborations on the Majestic Melodies EP?

Addis: Spliffy Dan is a veteran artist that worked with my dad, so to collaborate with him on “Good Love,'” was really special and then the song with Mr. Williamz is a tribute to my dad – “Can’t Forget”

Angel: Can’t forget Pablo! Thanks for sharing with Boomshots Magazine Addis Pablo.

Addis: Thank you so much Angel, big up Rob Kenner and the Boomshots Family for showcasing songs from the Majestic Melodies EP and officially premiering my new video. Thank you to the fans for supporting the music.

Other Songs Mentioned in the Interview from the Majestic Melodies EP:


Majestic Melodies on Apple Music

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Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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