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HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Mystery History”

Hear The Tune That Tore Down Sting

When Busy took the stage at Jamworld, he came fully equipped with new songs—and none more crucial than  “Mystery History,” the most detailed musical account yet of Busy’s arrest, case, and legal struggles. Opening with the sound of a jet plane, the tune breaks the whole story down before giving thanks and praise to the Almighty for securing Busy’s release from prison after just six months. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal Rips Sting 2012

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal Rips Sting 2012

The Hotthead Makes A Triumphant Return To The Stage

When Busy Signal took the stage at Jamworld for Sting 2012, the crowd was expecting something special. After all it was Busy’s first major stage show since returning home from a six-month bid in a Federal prison in the United States. So it was a safe best that the Hotthead would have a lot to get off his chest. But nobody was fully prepared for the phenomenal energy that Busy unleashed at Sting 2012. As fireworks lit up the night sky above Jamworld, Busy delivered an emotionally charged set that was both the performance of a lifetime and a harbinger of more greatness to come. After delivering his final tune Busy collected his Downsound Records Game Changer Award from the show’s co-producer, Joseph Bogdonovich. Then Busy checked Reshma B backstage to explain why he’s “living the Jamaican dream.” Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “God Me Say”

Busy Speaks On His Incarceration, And Makes A Point To Burn Out Demons From Early
It seems that not a day goes by without Busy Signal dropping another heatrock in our inbox. But today’s tune stands out above for several reasons. First, it’s the most detailed account of Busy’s incarceration yet—aside from the refrain “Jailhouse no nice, bare chink and lice”—Busy speaks on his legal strategy (“Waive the rights to me extradition, caw me know me an innocent man”) as well as his decision to go straight home to Jamaica after his release rather than putting in a little work Stateside first (“Me couldn’t wait fi the damn plane land; me freedom worth more than gold and diamond.”) Apparently Busy enjoys an open rapport with Riff Raff Notice, the same producer responsible for his sexy homecoming tune “Jail Juice.” The other thing that jumps out on this song is the fourth line: “Me no mix up with no evil nor no demon.” Was that intended a warning shot at Tommy Lee? Guess  we’ll have to wait until Sting to find out for sure. Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Ninja Man Meets Tommy Lee at Sting Offices

The Don Gorgon Drops Knowledge On The Gaza Spartan

“Me no come yah fi kill you. Me wan’ see you rise,” Ninja Man told Tommy Lee yesterday when visited the Supreme Promotions, the promoters of the annual boxing day stage show Sting. Of all the artists to work Sting over the years, Ninja has to be considered the year-to-year crowd favorite, so it was fitting that he take time out to school Tommy Lee as he prepares for his first appearance on the big stage. The Don Gorgon offer the young DJ all sorts of advice: “You have to straighten out that Demon ting yah.” Flipping into Brother Desmond mode, Ninja advised Tommy of his social responsibility: “Youth you have a responsibility to guide the young generation to the right destination.” Ninja also spoke on Tommy Lee’s lyrics: “Go back go listen listen Ninja Man dem and Papa San dem inna the years and hear how much lyrics them put in song. Ah that music short of right now.” Ninja even reminisced about his epic clashes with Super Cat (“The ting with me and Super Cat. That night is the first night my foot ever shake on the stage”) and even the infamous clash with Vybz Kartel (“That was of the past and let bygones be bygones.”) Video After The Jump…

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Bounty Killer Hearing Whispers About Tommy Lee

The Warlord Does Not Like What He’s Hearing—Sting Promoters Respond On Twitter

With the diss records flying back and forth and anticipation building about the big clash at this year’s Sting, it seems like fans of Tommy Lee and Bounty Killer are getting overexcited. Earlier today Bounty Killer took to Twitter to speak on whispers he’s hearing from Tommy Lee’s hometown of Montego Bay. It seems that Sparta loyalists are talking reckless about what will happen to the Warlord when he comes to MoBay. It doesn’t help matters that Tommy Lee went on Hype TV and talked about physically attacking Killer on the stage at Sting, just like his mentor Vybz Kartel (and his entourage) did to Ninja Man in 2003. That was an infamous moment in dancehall history that nobody wants to see happen again—least of all the promoters of Sting, who have been struggling to confirm the main attractions for this year’s show. Needless to say they are doing their best to tamp down the hostilities, while still promoting a show that’s known for epic clashes. It’s a fine line to walk. Find out who said what to who After the Jump… Read more »

Reasoning With Di Teacha: Part Few

Vybz Kartel Speaks On Mavado, Mad Max, And Those Masonic Rumors

In last week’s episode, Kartel broke down his roots of the Gaza/Gully conflict, and insisted that his lyrics were strictly entertainment, even as he called himself “the realest thing.” But what is the truth about his interest in Freemasonry? And is there any lyric that even he would consider too much? Read more »

Reasoning With Di Teacha: Part 1 of 2

Reasoning With Di Teacha: Part 1 of 2

As New Album Drops, Kartel Speaks On Music, War, and Life Pon Di Gaza

Adidja Palmer is a study in contradictions. According to a recent survey commissioned by the University of the West Indies, the DJ known as Vybz Kartel is dancehall’s most popular artist. On the other hand, his one-time mentor Bounty Killer recently said the biggest regret of his career was helping to “buss” the young lyricial prodigy from Portmore. “Kartel is the worst thing to happen to dancehall music,” Killer said of the artist who inspired his recent tune “Ungrateful Hell Bwoy” (a response to his former protege’s scathing “Bownty’s Killer”). After Kartel and Mavado’s epic confrontation at Sting 2008, anticipation is building for this year’s lyrical contest between di Teacha and the Warlord. But Kartel’s complexities don’t stop there. When we spoke last week by telelphone, the man behind controversial tunes like “Rampin’ Shop” and “Virginity” had just completed a back-to-school book giveaway, and was organizing a new juggling called the Schoolyard riddim, encouraging students to stay in school and out of trouble. Yet even as the Gaza vs Gully rivalry continues to simmer in the streets, the prolific, provocative lyricist insists on absolute artistic freedom, no matter the consequences. So who is the real Vybz Kartel? And what is di Teacha really teaching? Tune in and decide for yourself…

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HEAR THIS: Queen Ifrica “Lioness On The Rise”

Queen Ifrica at Flames Yard Kingston, JA. Photography by Wayne Lawrence.

Born Ventrice Latora Morgan in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Queen Ifrica aka the Fyah Muma is the daughter of ska legend Derrick Morgan. She grew up in the Rastafarian community of Montego Bay, and burst onto the local music scene in 2007 with a humorous tune called “Below The Waist” that she followed up with a string of hits that established the DJ’s name as a force to be reckoned with. While putting the finishing touches on her long-awaited debut album, Ifrica recently released an EP called Road To Mobay, which includes a new song that might as well be her official anthem called “Lioness On The Rise.” As she says in the tune, “When the roll is call up / we’ll be standing tall up.” Run the track…

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After vibesing the new music, we linked Ifrica for some reasoning. Come in Fyah Muma…. Read more »