Bounty Killer Hearing Whispers About Tommy Lee

The Warlord Does Not Like What He’s Hearing—Sting Promoters Respond On Twitter

With the diss records flying back and forth and anticipation building about the big clash at this year’s Sting, it seems like fans of Tommy Lee and Bounty Killer are getting overexcited. Earlier today Bounty Killer took to Twitter to speak on whispers he’s hearing from Tommy Lee’s hometown of Montego Bay. It seems that Sparta loyalists are talking reckless about what will happen to the Warlord when he comes to MoBay. It doesn’t help matters that Tommy Lee went on Hype TV and talked about physically attacking Killer on the stage at Sting, just like his mentor Vybz Kartel (and his entourage) did to Ninja Man in 2003. That was an infamous moment in dancehall history that nobody wants to see happen again—least of all the promoters of Sting, who have been struggling to confirm the main attractions for this year’s show. Needless to say they are doing their best to tamp down the hostilities, while still promoting a show that’s known for epic clashes. It’s a fine line to walk. Find out who said what to who After the Jump…


Bounty had so much to say 144 characters was not enough. Here’s the full text of his tweets:

Mi hear whispering a go roun bout when me come a mobay wah and wah ago happen, but mek mi tell some paper tongue fool this, any plan dem plan mek sure it blue print on paper and cyaah change, bcuz any mistake dem mek it’s gonna be a fistake, mi nuh iron man so mi naah go say nobody cyaah do mi ntn but try don’t leave no trace simple, and nobody cyaah do mi ntn on the behalf of another Dj, unless that Dj gonna stop sing pon stage and stop go places world wide, so tell some hurry come fool fi know dem bumboclaath self, and when Demon a plan God a wipe so Anything a Anything bring it fools!!!

@REGGAESTING Tell nyammi lee who thinks he is a bad man roun here, talking about kick dung like ninja on his Hype TV interview, why unuh never came out and say unuh nuh support him to be saying that on TV, but a gun shot kick inna boy mi ever kick none of my kids dem yet so mi worst nuh have time fi kick nuh man or boy, and unuh ever saw me does anything violently In the public eyes, warn unuh circus clown b4 we pawn him!

No word yet from Tommy Lee, but yesterday he had this to say via Twitter:

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