WATCH THIS: Busy Signal Rips Sting 2012

The Hotthead Makes A Triumphant Return To The Stage

When Busy Signal took the stage at Jamworld for Sting 2012, the crowd was expecting something special. After all it was Busy’s first major stage show since returning home from a six-month bid in a Federal prison in the United States. So it was a safe best that the Hotthead would have a lot to get off his chest. But nobody was fully prepared for the phenomenal energy that Busy unleashed at Sting 2012. As fireworks lit up the night sky above Jamworld, Busy delivered an emotionally charged set that was both the performance of a lifetime and a harbinger of more greatness to come. After delivering his final tune Busy collected his Downsound Records Game Changer Award from the show’s co-producer, Joseph Bogdonovich. Then Busy checked Reshma B backstage to explain why he’s “living the Jamaican dream.” Video After The Jump…

Busy Signal and Reshma B  haven’t spoken since his Reggae Music Again album—but this long-awaited interview was well worth the wait.

Busy performs “These Are The Days” and pays tribute to Buju Banton with Dean Fraser

Videography & Photography by the YardReel massive

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