WATCH THIS: Ninja Man Meets Tommy Lee at Sting Offices

The Don Gorgon Drops Knowledge On The Gaza Spartan

“Me no come yah fi kill you. Me wan’ see you rise,” Ninja Man told Tommy Lee yesterday when visited the Supreme Promotions, the promoters of the annual boxing day stage show Sting. Of all the artists to work Sting over the years, Ninja has to be considered the year-to-year crowd favorite, so it was fitting that he take time out to school Tommy Lee as he prepares for his first appearance on the big stage. The Don Gorgon offer the young DJ all sorts of advice: “You have to straighten out that Demon ting yah.” Flipping into Brother Desmond mode, Ninja advised Tommy of his social responsibility: “Youth you have a responsibility to guide the young generation to the right destination.” Ninja also spoke on Tommy Lee’s lyrics: “Go back go listen listen Ninja Man dem and Papa San dem inna the years and hear how much lyrics them put in song. Ah that music short of right now.” Ninja even reminisced about his epic clashes with Super Cat (“The ting with me and Super Cat. That night is the first night my foot ever shake on the stage”) and even the infamous clash with Vybz Kartel (“That was of the past and let bygones be bygones.”) Video After The Jump…

“Me big, bad, massive and large.” Let’s go to the video tape…

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