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Jah Cure Speaks on The Cure Album: “I’m trying something new with a new feel—we need that in reggae.”

Jah Cure Speaks on The Cure Album: "I’m trying something new with a new feel—we need that in reggae."

“I’m trying to implement some of the old and modify it and move forward,” says Cure.

From the first single, to the first video, to the first glimpse of the cover art, Jah Cure’s latest album—titled simply The Cure—has had in suspense for months now. At last the waiting is over and we can dive into the fullness of Cure’s sixth studio album. Featuring hits like “All of Me,” “That Girl,” and “Life We Live,” the fourteen-track album was produced by Cure himself, who says he hopes the album we help usher in a new sound within reggae music. Right now the #WorldSinger is over in Europe blazing a trail for Jamaican music. But in the days just before the album dropped, Boomshots caught up with Cure via telephone to talk about his latest work of art. Interview After the Jump… Read more »

Jah Cure Reveals “The Cure” Album Cover Art

Jah Cure Reveals "The Cure" Album Cover Art

First Album for VP Records Set For July 10, 2015 Release

Ever since last June, when we first heard his certified Boomshot “Life We Live” the Boomshots massive has been looking forward Jah Cure’s sixth studio album The Cure. Then in February came news that the singer had signed with V.P. Records. Today we finally got a first look at the criss album art, a track listing, and best of all, a release date. Less than two months from now, the waiting will be over. Tracklist After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Jah Cure “Life We Live” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Jah Cure "Life We Live" Official Music Video

Much has been said about a “roots revival” going on in Jamaican music at the moment. Artists like Chronixx and Protoje and Jesse Royal have created much excitement with their fresh take on reggae music, but let’s not forget that these talents have built upon the efforts of elder artists who have been putting in work for a longer time to make sure that the roots would never fade away. Jah Cure is one such steadfast soldier on behalf of classic reggae music. Groomed by the master music maker Beres Hammond, Cure has grown into a major talent whose live shows are second to none. The first single from his forthcoming album, The Cure—a dubby, dreamy take on the immortal “Heaveneless” riddim, produced by ‘Sketch’ Carey for Iyacure Productions—became an instant hit on the sound system circuit. Cure mentions Bob Marley’s name in his lyrics, which might be ill-advised for the average reggae singer. But Cure is anything but average, and he’s in rare form on “Life We Live.” Today we proudly premiere the music video, most of which Cure spends riding in the back of a pickup truck while life unfolds everywhere around him. There’s nothing flashy about this video, but it might just be the most inspiring three and a half minutes you spend today. So let it play and live your life. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Johnny Gourzong’s Reggae Sumfest Preview

Johnny Gourzong's Reggae Sumfest Preview

Sumfest Boss Shares His Personal Highlights—And Says Octane vs Vegas Was “Blown Out of Proportion”

It’s that time of year again. As most reggae lovers around the world know by now, during the third week of July all roads lead to Montego Bay for Reggae Sumfest. And with just one more day to go before the 22nd staging of “The Greatest Reggae Show on Earth,” anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. Between Sean Paul returning to the Sumfest stage for the first time in a decade, international pop star Jason DeRulo tweeting pictures from the emergency room, and I-Octane and Mr. Vegas trading barbs like Beenie and Bounty in the ’90s, this year’s festival promises to be entertaining in more ways than one. To get the inside scoop we reached out to the big man himself, Mr. Johnny Gourzong, executive Director of Summerfest Productions, who shared his personal thoughts on which acts he’s most looking forward to—and let us in on a few possible surprises. If you can’t make it down to MoBay tomorrow night, don’t worry—you can still purchase a live stream of all the Dancehall Night action. Full Story After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Jah Cure “Life We Live”

HEAR THIS: Jah Cure "Life We Live"

“Natural Mystic Is In The Air, Bob Marley Said Have No Fear, Everything Is Gonna Be Alright”

Every so often Jah Cure blesses us with one of those anthems—a song so good that it’s basically guaranteed to play from now until Kingdom Come. Today must be one of those days, because we just can’t stop running this tune. It’s the kind of song that grabs you from the first line and never lets go. The track, a dubby, dreamy yet crispy take on “Heaveneless,” was produced by ‘Sketch’ Carey for Iyacure Productions. This is the first single from an upcoming album that’s supposed to be released later this year, but if this song’s any indication we need that album like right now. Cure mentions Bob’s name in his lyrics, which would be ill-advised for your average reggae singer. But Cure is anything but average, and he’s in rare form on “Life We Live.” So light up another one and let the music play. Have no fear. This is the life the life the life we live. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Mama’s Playlist: Top 12 Reggae Songs Saluting Mothers

Mama's Playlist: Top 12 Reggae Songs Saluting Mothers

We recognize the global struggle for women all over the world and hope that we will all work towards ending human trafficking, domestic violence, child hunger and poverty to make a better earth for humanity to thrive in.   Mothers breastfeed the world with knowledge, hope and love; while music creates  limitless opportunities for change. In honor of Mother’s day and with a plethora of songs dedicated to mothers, Boomshots selected our favorite mama songs in reggae.

Play List After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Popcaan “Everything Nice” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Popcaan "Everything Nice" Official Music Video

Jah Cure, Gyptian, Mavado, and Ace Hood Join Papi As He Goes On A High-Grade Flight

Popcaan has been poppin’ for so long it’s hard to believe that The Raving King has yet to release a proper album, but that will change this May when his debut LP drops on Mixpak Records. Months ago we brought you the first single, “Everything Nice,” a somewhat sullen slow-burner produced by Dubbel Dutch, in which Papi contemplates mortality while sipping Henny and blazing high-grade. Now comes the music video, in which director Jay Will gets it poppin in a Hype Williams minimalist style. Iyah Cure, Gyppy, and the Gully Gaad (plus his rap bredren Ace Hood) pass through to show love. Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Jah Cure “Wake Up” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Jah Cure "Wake Up" Official Music Video

IyaCure Keeps On Beating The Drums of Righteousness

“Jah Children Wake Up and stop walk in your sleep”! sings Jah Cure as he beats the bongo drum while the Binghi fire blazes in the latest video from Iyacure Productions. This standout cut on the Sweet Personality Riddim, produced by Nature’s Way Entertainment, has been crying out for a powerful visual treatment, and finally it’s here. The video, directed by Skanka, closes with Marcus Garvey’s inspirational words: “Work to make the dream a possibility within another generation.” How many wake-up calls do you need? Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Jah Cure “My Love”

HEAR THIS: Jah Cure "My Love"

We Gotta Live For This Moment

If there was anyone who could f*ck up your emotions then count on Jah Cure to do that for sure. Cure has as many love songs as dancehall has whine songs and somehow they don’t get old. “My Love,” his track on Good Good Productions’ Brit Soul Jam riddim, talks straight to the heart AGAIN. “My love is deeper than the ocean.” Cure is never afraid to tell you exactly what he feels and there are not many artists that can make you cry tears of joy. If you’ve ever been to a Beres Hammond concert you can relate to the feeling. Maybe its no coincidence then that Cure also seems to have that same magic touch. Audio After the Jump…

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Jah Cure at Reggae Sumfest: “Somebody Has to Sing For The Ladies”

Iyacure Bigs Up Beres Hammond “He is my idol, my mentor, my father, my inspiration”

“Somebody has to sing for the ladies them,” said Jah Cure in his pre-show interview backstage at Reggae Sumfest 2013. “So I chose that path after Beres Hammond as a youth. So yeah, the ladies them is my thing.” Just before taking the stage to close International Night, Iyacure sat down for an in-depth reasoning session with Boomshots correspondent Reshma B. He was clearly pleased to be sharing the stage with the great Jamaican soul man Beres Hammond, who produced Cure’s debut album Ghetto Life. “Beres is one of the greatest ever—trust me. Beres is the boss. Beres is my idol, mentor, my father, my inspiration—he is everything to me. He taught me how to use my vocals. Teach me a lot about the music business and how to handle myself and my business.” Cure was also happy to see the strong turnout for International Night, whose lineup of roots reggae singers rivaled the crowd for the previous evening’s Dancehall NIght. “Them say you can’t keep a good man down,” he said. “You can’t keep a good thing down. The real must come to life. People eyes are open every day. It’s more reggae.” And for Cure reggae music means singing about love. “A man speaks what’s in him. So when these other artists sing about gun, crime, violence, skin-out, bruk-out, that’s what’s in their mind. I sing about love, the struggle, peace—every time. I sing about the most love in the business. That means it’s the love within me that I bring out. The love within me I project to the world.” Fnally Cure spoke on the love he has for elders like Lee “Scratch” Perry, and says that he hopes to collaborate with the legendary reggae pioneer. “People always ask me if me and Scratch Perry are family,” Cure remarked. “I would like to do some work with him before we lose him. Cause this generation coming up right now we have to stand up and represent. The tree weh them plant, we ah pick the fruits weh them bear. So we haffi sow back some seeds too.” Video After The Jump…

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2013 Reggae Sumfest Attracts Thousands to Montego Bay

Dancehall Nights Kicks Off Tomorrow—Who is Going to Shell Down Sumfest This Year?


Reggae Sumfest has been taking place for 20 years and every year has out done the last. Last year, Reggae veteran, Shabba Ranks, wowed fans with his first performance in a decade. Trey Songz brought his sex appeal to Sumfest 2012 and had fans swooning in the crowd. R. Kelly performed his ultimate hit, “Bump N’ Grind,” in a rare acapella style. Quite the event, it may seem as if Reggae Sumfest 2o12 can’t be topped but this 21st year of Reggae Sumfest is already turning to be unforgettable and it hasn’t even begun yet.

With a line-up that includes returning artists, Damian Marley, Aidonia, Popcaan and newcomers, Miguel, Flo Rida, Ashley Martin and many more, there’s no telling what will be in store for the concert-goers. It has already been confirmed that I-Octane will be closing Dancehall Night and Jah Cure will be closing International Night One. Macka Diamond and Lady Saw will both be at Reggae Sumfest so there might be some healthy competition between the two for fans to enjoy. Popular Reggae artist, Beres Hammond, is also in the line-up and concert attendees are excited to see him perform tracks off of his newest album, One Love, One LifeAnd then there is always the special guests, surprise performances and unexpected stage antics. Reggae Sumfest 2013 has a line-up that will have thousands of fans anxiously waiting for the next Sumfest.

Though Reggae Sumfest is this week, it isn’t too late to buy yourself a ticket to join in the festivities! Check out the entire line-up in the photo gallery.

WATCH THIS: Jah Cure Interview “The World Is Crying As We Speak”

WATCH THIS: Jah Cure Interview "The World Is Crying As We Speak"

We Were Just Kickin’ It Poolside With IyaCure And His Little Princess—And Then Scratch Showed Up!

Live from Kingston, Jamaica, Boomshots presents Reshma B’s exclusive Jah Cure interview. Watch Jah Cure and his beautiful baby daughter Kailani Belle kicking it poolside with the ReggaeGirlAboutTown about his long-awaited album World Cry and why it took two years to complete, about his recent marriage and the birth of his daughter, about his collab with 2Pac and why he identifies with Pac’s struggle, about how Drake sampled his music, and about the “World Cry” title track and why it was better after he remade it without any guest artists. He even told @ReshmaB_RGAT about his Mavado and Rick Ross collabo “Call It Like I See It” and why it did not appear on his album. Then while he was explaining why he would never work Sting, we got a special surprise visit from Lee “Scratch” Perry. Video After The Jump…

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