Jah Cure Speaks on The Cure Album: “I’m trying something new with a new feel—we need that in reggae.”

“I’m trying to implement some of the old and modify it and move forward,” says Cure.

From the first single, to the first video, to the first glimpse of the cover art, Jah Cure’s latest album—titled simply The Cure—has had in suspense for months now. At last the waiting is over and we can dive into the fullness of Cure’s sixth studio album. Featuring hits like “All of Me,” “That Girl,” and “Life We Live,” the fourteen-track album was produced by Cure himself, who says he hopes the album we help usher in a new sound within reggae music. Right now the #WorldSinger is over in Europe blazing a trail for Jamaican music. But in the days just before the album dropped, Boomshots caught up with Cure via telephone to talk about his latest work of art. Interview After the Jump…


Bless up Cure, congrats on the new album. That song “Stay With Me” is hittin’ me in the head right now.

[Laughs] All right. I’m happy you love that one. That one is some good, nice, nice straight-forward reggae music.

That one sounds like the gideon right there. Your voice is perfectly suited to that kind of drama.

Yeah man. That’s a real real real real song that. I love that song. The true reggae lovers gonna love that one.

When I first listened to the full album, that was the one that really hit me. The trombone and everything in there—so nice.

Yeah, “Stay With Me” have a lot of different things. It’s well-produced. We really went hard with the production on that one. We try a lot of stuff. We were really thinking “album.” Cause you know, sometimes after we work, and you think about a lot of tracks for the album and some of them at the end of the day, you say “Yo, let we work with this one.” And that was one of the tracks that I was really thinking about for the album. So we sit down and we go hard.

When I hear a trombone solo on a record in these days, I know that’s a serious tune. I haven’t hear a trombone on too many reggae songs lately…

In a little while. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly.

It’s like you bring back the Don Drummond days on that one.

Yeah man, we need that inna reggae mon. And you’re gonna hear more of that too. Because for the next album, you’re gonna hear nuff of them creativity, because I’m gonna go real rootsy with that. No matter what the song, it can feel rootsy—cause you know you have some nice rootsy love songs and some roots songs to move the people from here to there. The message is deep, but we haffi go harder with the production. This one is just my first experiment and I’m very excited to see what can become of this project. And how the public will receive it and to see people’s feedbacks and make sure the people feel good, yunno.

Who did most of the production on this album? I understand it’s your IyaCure production. but who are you working with in the studio?

Ah just me do everything yunno. Me go ’round and choose other people for the project. You done know me have Riff Raff work upon some of the songs them, like “Stay With Me” and “Rasta,” and Clive Hunt work pon some of the songs. Cause me and Clive Hunt did produce “That Girl” from long long, way way before. I am the one that call the shots. I do executive producing so I check everything and sit down and choose who me want. Cause we inna the business so we know who and who can be. Also we have to explore and bust two new producers same way. And “Riff Raff” Lamar Browne and others. Every other producer pon the album is young, apart from Clive Hunt who is a legend. A bare young youth we ah try uplift.


I wanted to ask you about the song “Made In California”? What is the song about?

Well you done know, it can be many things. Cause tobacco was made in California. And Mary Jane, she’s so beautiful you wonder if ah California she come from you know. If she was made in California. So the idea is just keepin’ it blazing—one of them kinda California Love deh. California specialty. It’s subliminal still. But Jah know I need to get into the bigger picture. Ah just the Mary Jane, you see me? It’s all about Mary Jane, and how high she’s grown in California.

Your song”The Life We Live” has become an anthem in reggae music.

Yes my brother. True, true.

From the moment we heard that one we knew this was a special project.

True, true. Thank you.

It reminds me of some of the great reggae songs that we grew up on.

Yeah because that was a sample from the original Techniques, from Winston Riley days. This is what I’m doing. I’m not trying to relive the past, cause no man can bring back the past. I’m trying to implement some of the old and modify it and move forward in this time and place—something new with a new feel. If you notice the album it’s a new sound in reggae I’m trying to come with and make it burn. I always thought I would be one of the founder in this.

No question this has been one of the most anticipated albums for the year.

Trust me, it’s a pleasure fi even have the I them—and anywhere inna the world, any media house—give I and I the support. Because this is a beautiful project. I spent time… I go over and over and over it in my ears. And I can’t compromise because I know that I can’t compromise music. I have to be true fo the music. And the music is what make me who I am. And this is my job to make sure it’s perfect. Especially I want to make sure that I don’t get criticized as a producer. Maybe there must have some critics somewhere down the line. But they must know that I worked with some great musicians on this. Trust me, it’s a blessing to work with these people. The ones who help I and I bring up the work so the world can get their hands on this. You know? And so it shall be available to people, because me last project wasn’t so reachable to everyone. And with VP the songs can get across to the world, so everybody could have a copy. And everyone can access each album. Yeah we need it to be 100 percent accessible from every aspect, from every point in the earth.

Well it looks like this one is getting a nice push.

We’re thankful for every help right now to get it across to let the fans know that there’s a good album coming out. Jah Cure is coming up with something new, and all the real Jah Cure fans them—and also the ones out there who will soon be a fan—you done know, we need to get them attention that they could check out the project. Follow me on Instagram. Hit me up on my Facebook inbox—everything is @TheRealJahCure. So you can just hit me up and make me know say, “Yo, I don’t love the album. You need to do this and this—and I was’nt happy for these things.” Cause you done know me need to jam it for my next project. And me need to know my mistake. And if I do it good, Amen. Thanks for keeping that drive. And give thanks same way.

That’s why you’re a great artist,. You’re just about to put out a new album out today and you’re already thinking about the next album.

Thank you very much my brother. You done know I haffi think ’bout the future. But right now I’ve got to finish up my European tour.

Since this album is called The Cure, can you please put into your own words, what is “The Cure” all about?

Well The Cure is the healing through music. And this is an album is some songs that will make you sit back and relax. You can put it in your car and drive from yah so to California and just enjoy some songs. Whether you’re blazing green grass or you just naturally medz life. Anything. There’s songs that you can take a drink to or grab a smoke to. and just relax. Cruising, driving down the avenue with one of them deh—and just medz. Deeply, deeply, enjoy true real instrumental production. Good arrangement and good music. That’s what started ti all for everything.

So The Cure is just the healing to reach out and change lives. And touch people. Inspire them. Brighten their day. Change their moods. Change their feelings from being down so they don’t create any more chaos for themselves and others. And when you inspire and you brighten their day, people just change to a different motive and say, “Oh, you know what? Yeah, I like this song. ‘Life we Live. Today you’re up, tomorrow you’re down.” It’s just the cure for the natural feelings.

If you can cure feelings you can cure things. Because when feelings can left you, a man can led to other things. And if you can be specific withmusic he can be also cured. Now the Cure is here as the healing for the nation. So the people can receive more Jah Cure as he inject him love into the fans them


Talking about future works, I saw a video floating around online of you and some friends down in Judgment Yard. It looked like you were making some music with Sizzla and Chronixx.

Yeah we were just liming. But you done know everything is possible cause we are artists and brothers and friends anyway. But we were just liming and freestyling and vibing. Inna the future anything possible.

So that was just a freestyle thing?

Yeah that was nothing planned, just spontaneous we do that.

I love the vibes still. But one thing I notice on this album, there are no features. It’s Jah Cure straight from beginning to end—which is a statement in itself. Cause some albums are all about the big-name features.

Yeah this time I didn’t want to do that. The last album have some wonderful feature and it didn’t do so well for me in terms of getting to the world. So right now this is The Cure. So let me give the people them enough of Jah Cure so they could be cured. There’s so much to say right now. And maybe we could do some remixes down the line after the album is released. But for now I introduce these songs.

It’s a great joy to receive good music like this.

Thanks my brother. Love that 100%. We worked hard with this one so I’m happy to know that the world can love it. Waiting for that day to come when we get the feedack from the world.

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