Jah Cure at Reggae Sumfest: “Somebody Has to Sing For The Ladies”

Iyacure Bigs Up Beres Hammond “He is my idol, my mentor, my father, my inspiration”

“Somebody has to sing for the ladies them,” said Jah Cure in his pre-show interview backstage at Reggae Sumfest 2013. “So I chose that path after Beres Hammond as a youth. So yeah, the ladies them is my thing.” Just before taking the stage to close International Night, Iyacure sat down for an in-depth reasoning session with Boomshots correspondent Reshma B. He was clearly pleased to be sharing the stage with the great Jamaican soul man Beres Hammond, who produced Cure’s debut album Ghetto Life. “Beres is one of the greatest ever—trust me. Beres is the boss. Beres is my idol, mentor, my father, my inspiration—he is everything to me. He taught me how to use my vocals. Teach me a lot about the music business and how to handle myself and my business.” Cure was also happy to see the strong turnout for International Night, whose lineup of roots reggae singers rivaled the crowd for the previous evening’s Dancehall NIght. “Them say you can’t keep a good man down,” he said. “You can’t keep a good thing down. The real must come to life. People eyes are open every day. It’s more reggae.” And for Cure reggae music means singing about love. “A man speaks what’s in him. So when these other artists sing about gun, crime, violence, skin-out, bruk-out, that’s what’s in their mind. I sing about love, the struggle, peace—every time. I sing about the most love in the business. That means it’s the love within me that I bring out. The love within me I project to the world.” Fnally Cure spoke on the love he has for elders like Lee “Scratch” Perry, and says that he hopes to collaborate with the legendary reggae pioneer. “People always ask me if me and Scratch Perry are family,” Cure remarked. “I would like to do some work with him before we lose him. Cause this generation coming up right now we have to stand up and represent. The tree weh them plant, we ah pick the fruits weh them bear. So we haffi sow back some seeds too.” Video After The Jump…

Video and photo by Mark Shaw

And watch Cure and Scratch kicking it earlier this year…

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