Johnny Osbourne & Tarrus Riley Rock Miss Lily’s Variety Anniversary Bash

Last Night Come In Like A Stage Show

Last night Miss Lily’s Variety and Melvin’s Juice Box celebrated its first anniversary in fine style with an all-day party that was broadcast live on The place was packed with reggae royalty from early out. Dean Fraser and Tarrus Riley mingled with Clive Chin and Carol Dodd, who blessed the place with some amazing never-before-heard Studio One rarities (including “In My Fathers House” and “Ungodly King” by Dennis Brown, a new version of “Gorgon” by Cornell Campbell, “Mix It Up” by J.D. Smoothe, and the original “Shank-I-Sheck” instrumental by Roy Burroughs). Noel Alphonso, son of the late great Roland Alphonso (whose birthday was also last night) was in the place along with the whole Miss Lily’s family to enjoy one-of-a-kind live performances by the one and only Johnny Osbourne and Tarrus Riley—up close and personal with DJ Max Glazer at the controls. Video After The Jump…
Photograph by DJ Select

Johnny Osbourne Part 1 of 3: Mr. Osbourne sings classics like “Little Soundboy” “Rock It Tonight” “No Ice Cream Sound” “Lend Me Your Chopper” “Truths & Rights” and “Jah Promise.”

Johnny Osbourne Part 2 of 3: Mr. Osbourne sings classics like “Can’t Leave Jah Alone” “On The Right Track” “Reasons” and “Water Pumping.”

Johnny Osbourne Part 3 of 3:  Mr. Osbourne sings classics like “What A La La” “Budy Bye” “Yo Yo” “Mr. Marshall” and blesses DJ Max Glazer with a couple of big specials “High Fashion” and “Ali Baba.”

Tarrus Riley Part 1 of 4: Singy Singy performs a “Fee Style” (not a freestyle) along with “Beware” “Something Strong” “Love’s Contagious” and “Stay With You”

Tarrus Riley Part 2 of 4: Singy Singy performs “Human Nature” “Far Away” “Never Leave” and “Karma”

Tarrus Riley Part 3 of 4: Singy Singy performs “Searching” “One Drop” “Lion Paw” and “Marcus Teaching.”

Tarrus Riley Part 4 of 4: Singy Singy performs “Superman” “She’s Royal” and “Shaka Zulu Pickney”

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