Jillionaire’s Guided Tour of The Puma Yard

The Reggae Girl About Town Checks Out The Chillest Spot In London, Hails Up Stylo G & Stamma Kid With Usain Bolt racking up Olympic Gold and Jamaica celebrating its golden anniversary, today’s a beautiful day to hit up The Puma Yard. But if you can’t make it all the way to London, don’t worry—Boomshots has got your back. UK Correspondent Reshma B, aka “The Reggae Girl About Town,” trekked over to Brick Lane in East London, where all the cool kids are taking in the games whilst enjoying some reggae music, fresh gear, rum cocktails, and veggie curry. Reshma’s guide for this exclusive behind-the-scenes tour is none other than our favorite Trini Bad Bwoy Jillionaire of the Major Lazer posse. (By the way 2012 also marks 50 years of independence for Trinidad & Tobago—if ya don’t know now ya know you Imps!) Along the way, Reshma gets the scoop on the next Major Lazer single “Bubble Butt,” and even runs into two of the hottest artists in the UK right now. “Call me a Puma Yardie!” Let’s go to the video tape…

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