WATCH THIS: Romain Virgo “Not Today” Acoustic Version & Interview

The Singer Celebrates The Release Of “The System” On Radio Lily’s Strictly Boomshots Show

Last night Romain Virgo celebrated the release of his sophomore album The System with a live performance on Radio Lily’s Strictly Boomshots show. Shaggy, Rayvon, DJ Kue, and 77 Klash were all in the building with the lady who put the P in V.P. Records, Miss Pat herself plus Chris Chin along with Clive Chin—not to mention the original Miss Lily’s fam (too much name, can’t call nuh name). Photos and video by the man called Gizmo after the jump. Romain’s set had many highlights but it’s hard to top his song about looking death straight in the eyes and saying “I know I’ve gotta die, but not today.” Run that…

Romain was feeling the vibes so much he even got into the action as a selector alongside DJ Rob Kenner. Check the full audio HERE. [audio:]

Props to Movement Mag for the extra images.

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  1. Kathy fortune says:

    Dat was hot, romain u know we all love u, grenada is ur next home

  2. Live mi life! Gwan Romain Virgo!

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