HEAR THIS: Wilfred Limonious “Young Love”

Who Knew That Dancehall’s Greatest Graphic Artist Was A Wicked Singer Too?

When Matt Goias sent me this tune via email the subject line read simply “Peep The Singer,” I had no idea what to make of it. On first listen “Young Love” sounded like just another reggae rarity — a slightly randy lover’s rock selection about a lonely old man man who’s had his eye on a pretty young thing for years. But then Matt forwarded the seven-inch single’s label, lovingly rendered in shades of blue. No doubt about it, that’s the work of Limonious, the undisputed champion of dancehall album art. The prolific—and sadly now deceased—artist has attracted something of a cult following.  And that was before we knew he could sing too.

“She’s my true true love…” Let it go…


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