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Easter Bun Playlist

Easter Bun Playlist

A Multi-Genre Playlist With Songs About Infidelity

Easter represents a religious holiday with many associated traditions such as Easter eggs, baskets and bonnets. In the Caribbean, “Bun and Cheese” usually consist of one slice of a sharp, cheddar cheese encased between two slices of sweet, fruit bread. Besides a delicious holiday pastry, “Bun and Cheese” is an analogy for a love triangle and the term “Bun” itself  connotes cheating. There are a plethora of songs that describe various aspects of “Bun,” such as the physical attraction, excitement, lust, spontaneity, the heartache, the mental anguish, the retaliation and the irreversibility. This is a dancehall, reggae and rhythm and blues playlist of 11 songs that address the aforementioned phenomena. Playlist After The Jump

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Anything Goes at DJ Norie’s Anniversary Bash

Anything Goes at DJ Norie's Anniversary Bash

Live Sets From Wayne Wonder, Red Rat, Tarrus Riley & More

DJ Norie has come a long way since his days on Brooklyn’s Wah Gwan Radio. His weekly show on New York’s top urban radio station, Power 105.1 FM, is one of the city’s leading platforms for reggae and dancehall music. So when he celebrated his anniversary late last week the stars came out. Check out Wayne Wonder breezing through his vast catalog of certified Boomshots—including the song that gave this annual showcase its name. And how long since we saw Red Rat blazing up his hits? He’s still got the girls screaming “Oh Noooo!” for tunes like “Dwayne” and “Tight Up Skirt”—and watch what happens when the Rat bucks up a fluffy gal from the front row. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Samantha J Responds to Critics of “Tight Skirt”

Samantha J Responds to Critics of "Tight Skirt"

Teenage Island Pop Star Stands Up To Defend Her Sexy Hit Tune

Samantha J is a Jamaican high-school student turned pop starlet. The 17-year-old has got a major hit song on her hands. MTV calls it “Buzzworthy” and BET invites her to perform on 106 & Park. The track—co-written with Alaine and produced by Conroy Forte for Washroom Entertainment—has made this girl grow up fast, and luckily her friends are supporting her 100%. A few critics have come forward to charge that her song is too sexy and that it degrades young girls. But as a dancehall fan herself—Samantha’s favorite arists include Alaine, Tifa, and Konshens—she’s not scared of a little controversy. “There’s nothing wrong with saying that I look good,” she says. “The song is not meant to degrade women or girls. It’s actually meant to uplift.” Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Samantha J “Tight Skirt” Official Music Video & Behind-The-Scenes Footage

WATCH THIS: Samantha J "Tight Skirt" Official Music Video & Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Is This Who Red Rat Was Talking About?

Back in 1997 Red Rat spotted a girl who made his “head swell and his blood pressure burst” thanks to her snugly fitting skirt. That was the same year Samantha J was born. Now she’s 16 years old and she’s got a major hit song on her hands, with a video that blends Britney, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. No wonder MTV is calling it “Buzzworthy.”  The track—co-written with Alaine and produced by Conroy Forte for Washroom Entertainment—is currently the #1 Most Shared, #2 Most Commented and #3 Overall Favorite on Click here for a first look at Samantha J’s debut video. “We wanted to show what Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ would have looked like if it was shot in Downtown Kingston with authentic dancehall choreography and dancers,” says Samantha. Mission accomplished. Video After The Jump… 

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“Bruk It Down 2.0” Delivers

"Bruk It Down 2.0" Delivers

Mr. Vegas  New Album Review and Interview

Just after leaving the Strictly Boomshots show on September 23, 2013, Mr. Vegas headed uptown to host a listening event at Rosewood in New York City to preview his new release Bruk It Down 2.0 and celebrate what’s sure to be one of the biggest releases of the year. This 16-song album simmers with a culture gumbo, blending ingredients of pop, soca, reggaeton and raw dancehall vibes. Track-by-track Review and Interview After the Jump…!

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HEAR THIS: Main Street Crew (Mr. G, General Degree, Buccaneer, Hawkeye, Red Rat, Lady G) “Nuttin Fi Nuttin”

Dancehall Legends Come Together On One Trackmainstreet

It’s been a while since talent of this caliber came together on one track, legends of the dancehall Mr. G, General Degree, Buccaneer, Hawkeye, Red Rat and Lady G collectively known as the Main Street Crew run down tales of how you don’t get “nuttin fi nuttin.” As Lady G reminds us ” Shabba say if a man want it he affi pay down pon it,” nothing is free, not even the crotches. Audio After The Jump…

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