“Bruk It Down 2.0” Delivers

Mr. Vegas  New Album Review and Interview

Just after leaving the Strictly Boomshots show on September 23, 2013, Mr. Vegas headed uptown to host a listening event at Rosewood in New York City to preview his new release Bruk It Down 2.0 and celebrate what’s sure to be one of the biggest releases of the year. This 16-song album simmers with a culture gumbo, blending ingredients of pop, soca, reggaeton and raw dancehall vibes. Track-by-track Review and Interview After the Jump…!

The album’s first track sets the pace with “Busta Bottle,” a Boom Steppa Production that evokes echoes of Little Lenny’s dancehall classic “Healthy Body.” Then “Freaky Freaky” tells the tale of a sexy seductress featuring sultry vocals  by Lukie D (of L.U.S.T. fame). Studio 758 productions add spice to the album with some serious drum and bassline spankings in “Give It To Har”—Mr. Vegas shows no mercy, teasing ”Ball Fi You Madda Gal!” The propulsive riddims of “Run Up and Down,” “Come Here Bubbler,”  “Good Body Gal” and “Twerk” cater to listeners’ dance cravings, but the album also stirs up some serious issues with three songs addressing relationship complexities. “Bare Tingz” makes references to infidelity as Mr. Vegas sings ”Gal a bruk it down in my bed and now mi can’t sleep!” The track “Grimey Girl” expresses a vulnerable sincerity when the singer reveals the ”worries in my life.” Coming in the long reggae tradition of melancholy lovers vibes—the song stirs up memories of tracks such as Barrington Levy’s “My Woman.” Next up “Two Face Friends” adds a dash of cayenne pepper to the recipe—the title of this  song speaks for itself. After that emotional release, the steel pan of soca plus dancehall beats take over on the Teetimus-produced remix, “Bruk It Down 2.o” featuring the Bajan icon, Allison Hinds. There’s even a reggaeton joint on here called “Vamos,” featuring El Boy C and a touch of pop and techno with “Take Off,” featuring the St. Lucian artist Terri. After that comes “It’s a Beautiful Life,” another savory triumph. The final two cuts ensure satiation, with Mr. Vegas turning in a signature vocal performance on “Slow Jam” followed by the rock steady grown-folk vibe of “Wet Party” featuring dancehall veteran, Flourgon. With Bruk it Down 2.o, Mr. Vegas has created a dynamic conglomeration of music cultures, a melting pot of 16 tracks flavored with heavily seasoned producers and tasty collaborations serves up a delicious menu for all types of musical appetites. Bruk It Down 2.o can be purchased now on itunes.

Album Launch Event Photographs courtesy of Roland Hyde


CharStar: Mr. Vegas, it’s a true honor to speak with you today.

Mr. Vegas: Charlene have pretty car eye—you know that song by Red Rat?

CharStar: Haha! You know that’s my favorite first line of a chorus! Speaking of favorites, you made the best dancehall gospel song “I am blessed.” I was just speaking to Lieutenant Stitchie about it and now your blessing your fans with Bruk It Down 2.o. Tell us about this new album.

Mr. Vegas: This album is the ultimate stress reliever. It’s a party album to keep fans dancing and enjoying life.

CharStar: Besides releasing this album, you have a shining collaboration with Beyonce, “Standing On the Sun.” I like the reggaeton interlude by Beyonce—Muy Caliente! What was it like to work with the R&B Diva on this single?

Mr. Vegas: She is a perfectionist like myself when it comes to vocals, so it was definitely a good match in terms of bridging dancehall and R & B vocals.

CharStar: Yo, I love the song “Fruit Juice” from Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated album! Your vocals really create a classic reggae sound on that track.

Mr. Vegas: Yeah that’s a serious reggae bubbling tune and we nuh want nothing artificial—just natural like di Empress them. ”Di gal ah love Mr. Vegas and Snoop!”

CharStar: Tell us about the feature song on the album, Bruk it Down 2.o?

Mr. Vegas: I wanted to give the original Bruk it Down song a soca feel and I could not think of anyone to remake the song with other than the talented bajan beauty, Allison Hinds! I also worked with the talented artists Lukie D, Flourgon, and Terri on this album.

Charstar: “Give It to Har” is a hot tamale track!

Mr. Vegas: Oh yeah—wait til you see the video coming out soon. My favorite songs on the album are “Give It to Har” and “Wet Party.”

CharStar: How did it feel to perform some songs from your new album for so many young fans on 106 & Park in New York?

Mr.Vegas: The feeling was indescribable, to see young fans dancing to “Heads High” made way before they were even born…and then to… just to make a crowd like this “Bruk It Down” and dance made me feel alive!

CharStar: Now around this time last year you experienced a personal tragedy. You addressed it publicly, which was brave, however a lot of people related to your experience. How did you heal from infidelity? And can we find any songs about this issue on your new album?

Mr.Vegas: Yeah last year around this time was not such a good moment for me …but I put God first and then I turned to my music for healing. Some of the songs were written around the time of that experience and relate to that experience but most of them not from that personal situation just from the universe. I worked even harder and focused on my music. I realized I had a lot to be thankful for and therefore I could overcome the situation by just focusing on my talent. I’m in a much better place now.

CharStar: More strength Lion! What’s up next for Mr. Vegas?

Mr. Vegas: Well working on the first video for the album “Give To Har” which is almost done and then this weekend were going to Senegal….but the actual Bruk Down 2.o tour will commence in February 2014….and then some time after that going to release a reggae roots album.

CharStar: I admire your strength and wish you continued success. Thank you for sharing with Boomshots magazine.

Mr. Vegas: Big up CharStar and Salute to Rob Kenner ah Boomshots magazine Ya Large!

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