Easter Bun Playlist

A Multi-Genre Playlist With Songs About Infidelity

Easter represents a religious holiday with many associated traditions such as Easter eggs, baskets and bonnets. In the Caribbean, “Bun and Cheese” usually consist of one slice of a sharp, cheddar cheese encased between two slices of sweet, fruit bread. Besides a delicious holiday pastry, “Bun and Cheese” is an analogy for a love triangle and the term “Bun” itself  connotes cheating. There are a plethora of songs that describe various aspects of “Bun,” such as the physical attraction, excitement, lust, spontaneity, the heartache, the mental anguish, the retaliation and the irreversibility. This is a dancehall, reggae and rhythm and blues playlist of 11 songs that address the aforementioned phenomena. Playlist After The Jump

  1. Captain Barkey – “Bun Fi Bun” – In October 2012, the dancehall community received the shocking news that veteran dancehall artist and deejay (Stereo One and People’s Choice) Wayne Hamilton, Captain Barkey and his girlfriend, Tracy Bennett were murdered in the Bronx, NY. As the details of the case emerged, it turned out that the perpetrator of the crime was Joseph Kernizan, Tracy Bennett’s husband;  it was a tragic end to a love triangle. This case left  an indelible mark on the minds of fans everywhere regarding the dangers of “bun.”

2.  Badgyal Dy Dy – “2 Can”- Viola Davis won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the film adaptation of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Play, Fences, when she reprised the role of Rose Maxson. Dy Dy clearly expresses lyrically in “2 Can,” that she will not be playing this role and warns “you bun mi, mi a bun you back.”


3. QQ– “Bun (F-ck Pon Mi)”- QQ expresses devastation when he walks in on his “good good gal” with someone else.

4. Alkaline– “My Side of The Story”- The lyrics of this song express that sometimes there is no forgiveness after bun, over the “Cure Pain” riddim.

5. Tanya Stephens – “It’s A Pity” – “I said if we never, get a chance to get together, go with Jah, Tanya love ya.” Tanya Stephens thought-provoking lyrics about fantasizing, makes one wonder over the Doctor’s Darling riddim. Don’t miss this Queen of Dancehall live at BB King Blues and Grill in the heart of New York City, alongside Spragga Benz, Mr. Easy, Mad Cobra, Rupee and Red Rat at Power 105.1 FM’s DJ Noire -“Anything Goes”-The Anniversary Party on April 14, 2017.

6. Clement Irie (deejaying) and Robert French (singing) – “Bun and Cheese”- ” She ah di bun me ah di cheese, must go between. She ah di bun mi ah di cheese, must go between. Mi ah di King you ah di Queen, must go between.” Clement Irie  and Robert French coin the analogy in this titled track.

7.   I-Octane -”  Gyal A Gimme Bun ” – I-Octane ends up in mental distress after he experiences infidelity, in this song produced by Seanizzle. The visual features Sky Juice (Metro Media Soundsystem) as a principal in a heated affair.

8.  Macka Diamond & Blacker – “Bun Him” – When Macka Diamond confides in her friend about her man’s womanizing ways, the solution is “tek a nex man.”

9.    Ishawna -“Need Love”-Ishawna writes lyrics about the human need to feel loved and a sense of personal satisfaction.


10. Prince – “Beautiful Ones”- “Is it him or is it me?” questions one of music’s most profound entertainers; reminiscent of an intense scene from Purple Rain.  In this clip, Prince performs on the George Lopez (“Lopez Tonight”) show with the first African American  principal dancer of the  American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland, in a memorable performance.


11. Dennis Brown – “Silhouettes”-Dennis Brown paints a visual picture of the shadows he saw in the dark. “Put his arms around your waist and held you tight/ kisses I could almost taste/ in the night.”

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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    Angel gimme some bun and cheese. Great selections especially that classic Tanya Stephens and Dennis Brown. Making people think that’s what I like about this playlist.

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