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WATCH THIS: Aidonia “80s Dancehall Style” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Aidonia "80s Dancehall Style" Official Music Video

Aidonia Salutes Veterans and Vinyl

Many of Jamaica’s musical legends never predicted the millions of fans, felt the weight of money or received instant gratification through social media the way today’s artists do. These musical soldiers earned their stripes the real way, with unquestionable authenticity. One must remember , as Supercat indicated in his recent interview with Rob Kenner, the days when a DJ drew the crowd into the dancehall with nothing but a big sound system combined with sheer vocal talent and lyrical ammunition. In a cultural tradition that predates Amateur Night at the Apollo, the crowd would decide whether it was worthwhile to pay admission and enter the party. There was no hiding behind good promotion, Auto-Tune or computerized production and deejaying. Born in 1981, Aidonia may not have been old enough to hang out in dancehall sessions during that time, but he represents for the newer generation, aware of their roots and culture. Aidonia (Didi) pays tribute to this era with his new video for “80’s Dance Style.”   Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Chino “Nuh Trust Dem” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Chino "Nuh Trust Dem" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Michael “BiggzShip” Burbridge directs the gritty visuals for Chino’s tune on Rado’s hard-hitting First Capital Riddim. This one is aimed at the two-faced back-biting news-carrying smile-in-yuh-face dutty-heart people who so often surround us. Chino is wise enough to know that trust is a thing that must be earned, and once broken may never be returned. It’s a hard lesson that’s usually learned the hard way. Dig the image of the man lifting weights in the scrapyard, like he’s preparing for the battle of his life. Good over evil me say. Stick with this video until the end, and you can pree a preview of a next Chino tune called “Oh Jah” a JA Production that fits the overall theme. When everyone turns against you, who else can you trust but the Almighty? Boomshots is proud to premiere this official music video. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Spice “Twerk” Official Video

WATCH THIS: Spice "Twerk" Official Video

Let The MadGyal Teach You How To Get Your Twerk On—Yard Style

Twerk Twerk Twerk, twerk-twerk-twerk, twerk twerk twerk… Everybody’s doin’ it. Apparently it started in the Dirty South a few years back, and these days even Hollywood chicks like Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale are twerkin’ their butts off.

But now that the style has made it down to yard, the ting tun up!  

Be warned: we’re talking sexy moves only (as per Spice’s new video). So get ready for some serious splits, 6.30’s and anything you can do to express yourselves.

Spice is officially teaching this class, so lets get it poppin’

Step 1: “Every gyal in the ring just get madd and do your thing”

Step 2: “Whine and go down, shake it and jerk it”

Step 3: “Twerk to the right, twerk to the left, twerk up your body twerk up your chest.”

It’s not even about the second chorus. You already know its time to hit the gym AGAIN! Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Bramma “Bad” Video

The Guerilla Anthem

Stephen McGregor’s “Face Off” riddim is loaded with bad man tunes, and one of the toughest is Bramma’s cut, simply titled “Bad.” BiggzShip just dropped the visual interpretation and it’s filled with black masks and itchy trigger fingers. Say your prayers. Video After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Aidonia & Deablo “Run Road” Video PREMIERE

DiDi & Deablo Run It Red

Aidonia has been spitting hard lyrics for years now, but more recently the JOP boss has been stepping it up with even catchier tunes and slicker videos. (I know you remember that “Tan Tuddy” clip from a few weeks back.) Now Didi has returned to bless us with another boom visual for his song with Deablo called “Run Road.” From the motorbike stunts to the hot girls, you know they run it red. World premiere of the new video after the jump.
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