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Aidonia Salutes Veterans and Vinyl

Many of Jamaica’s musical legends never predicted the millions of fans, felt the weight of money or received instant gratification through social media the way today’s artists do. These musical soldiers earned their stripes the real way, with unquestionable authenticity. One must remember , as Supercat indicated in his recent interview with Rob Kenner, the days when a DJ drew the crowd into the dancehall with nothing but a big sound system combined with sheer vocal talent and lyrical ammunition. In a cultural tradition that predates Amateur Night at the Apollo, the crowd would decide whether it was worthwhile to pay admission and enter the party. There was no hiding behind good promotion, Auto-Tune or computerized production and deejaying. Born in 1981, Aidonia may not have been old enough to hang out in dancehall sessions during that time, but he represents for the newer generation, aware of their roots and culture. Aidonia (Didi) pays tribute to this era with his new video for “80’s Dance Style.”   Video After The Jump…

Aidonia shows appreciation and respect for the greats before him in his song, “80’s Dancehall Style.“ Produced by Jag One Productions/Ancient Records over the classic “Golden Hen” riddim, this song sounds refreshing to the ear. Didi clearly understands that the foundation artists did not follow but instead set distinct trends. Moreover, Aidonia exemplifies versatility as an artist and why his music is in high demand, with the positive, original lyrics:

Tell the ghetto youth them seh fi stay strong
No bother watch the trial and the tribulation
No bother tek no pressure from the situation
No bother do no wrong them lock you up a station
Deh one yah reaching out yeh to every nation
A unity wi waan no waan no segregation

The video, directed by Michael Burbridge of Biggzship Films, takes us back in a time machine to a Jamaican street dance in the 1980’s. Outside of the dance, dominoes slap weh, lighters flick and Guinness bottles circulate in heavy rotation. The deejay delivers palpable lyrics, giving way to skanking and wheel and pull up requests. Didi selects a riddim and flow reminiscent of Johnny Ringo‘s classic live-from-Skateland freestyle, which has been pressed on vinyl countless times and acquired the title “HighWay Robbery.” This video captures the energy of live music and 1980s fashion with rope chains, Clarks, flip-up sun glasses, net tanks and Kangols. Aidonia salutes the veterans including Bob Marley, and the continuation of his legacy through his sons, mentioning Stephen Marley and Damian “Junior Gong” Marley. He goes on to salute King Yellow Man, Shabba Ranks, Capelton, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Ninja Man, Super Cat, Sizzla Kolonji, Admiral Bailey, Papa San, Lieutenant Stitchie, Buju Banton and Burro Banton. At the end of the song, Aidonia acknowledges family members including his wife, Kimberly and his son, Khalifa, putting a personalized label on vinyl.

Realism, sound quality and cultural immersion makes this one of the best reggae video releases this spring.

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