WATCH THIS: Spice “Twerk” Official Video

Let The MadGyal Teach You How To Get Your Twerk On—Yard Style

Twerk Twerk Twerk, twerk-twerk-twerk, twerk twerk twerk… Everybody’s doin’ it. Apparently it started in the Dirty South a few years back, and these days even Hollywood chicks like Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale are twerkin’ their butts off.

But now that the style has made it down to yard, the ting tun up!  

Be warned: we’re talking sexy moves only (as per Spice’s new video). So get ready for some serious splits, 6.30’s and anything you can do to express yourselves.

Spice is officially teaching this class, so lets get it poppin’

Step 1: “Every gyal in the ring just get madd and do your thing”

Step 2: “Whine and go down, shake it and jerk it”

Step 3: “Twerk to the right, twerk to the left, twerk up your body twerk up your chest.”

It’s not even about the second chorus. You already know its time to hit the gym AGAIN! Video After The Jump…

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