10 Things You Don’t Know About Jimmy Cliff

10 Things You Don't Know About Jimmy Cliff

In Honor of Jimmy Cliff’s 70th Birthday Author David Katz Drops Knowledge on the Reggae Legend

David Katz is no stranger to the world of reggae and documenting it. In 2006, he got hold of Lee “Scratch” Perry and released the widely-received biography People Funny Boy: The Genius of Lee ‘”Scratch” Perry. He then got the story of icon, Jimmy Cliff to pen Jimmy Cliff: An Unauthorized Biography. Though Cliff was not heavily involved in its production, Katz relied on his previous interviews with the star and stories from artists who collaborated with him to bring forth the biography. In his travels and through countless reasonings, he gathered some interesting (and previously unknown) tidbits about JC. Scroll Through Gallery Above… Read more »

Jillionaire’s Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Jillionaire's Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Trini Chris Lists The Ten Best For This Carnival Season

Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival has been over for about two weeks now and even still those who attended are going through some withdrawals (that the Carnival Tabanca Bunji was speaking about). Since no one has invented a time machine as yet, or the government is being sneaky as usual, we figured the next best thing is compile the ten biggest tunes from this years Carnival season. Compiled by Major Lazer’s own Jillionaire, click through to see the Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014  After The Jump…  Read more »

50 Tips Everyone Should Know For Carnival

50 Tips Everyone Should Know For Carnival

Tips To Make Sure You Have A Safe And Enjoyable Carnival Experience

It’s less than one week to the greatest show on Earth, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2014. Veteran masqueraders are already descending upon the twin island republic this week along with a slew of Carnival virgins who really don’t know what they’re in for. The good folks over at compiled a solid list for the first timers and a few pointers for the more seasoned.  Everything from what to wear, what to eat and even how to party is all covered in these helpful tips. Check Them Out After The Jump… Read more »

Melanie Fiona Picks Her 10 Favorite Reggae & Dancehall Songs

Melanie Fiona Picks Her 10 Favorite Reggae & Dancehall Songs

The Grammy-Winning R&B Star Is A Bashment Girl At Heart

Melanie Fiona is best known for heart-wrenching hits like “It Kills Me” and “4 A.M.,” which have made the soulful singer a major star among American R&B fans. The two-time Grammy winner grew up in Toronto as the daughter of first-generation Guaynese immigrants. Her Caribbean influences have always been clear to the educated ear, from her dramatic vocal delivery to specific songs like “Somebody Come Get Me,” which was released under her old nom-de-reggae Syren Hall, as well as “No Cigarette Smoke,” her smoldering duet with Stephen Marley. Melanie continues to flaunt her Caribbean colors on “All My Love,” a new reggae-flavored duet with Toronto soul singer Glenn Lewis. Listening to the song there’s no mistaking the fact that Melanie’s Caribbean roots run deep. So we thought it would be cool to ask her to pick her top 10 reggae and dancehall tracks. Her picks speak volumes about her musical taste, her artistic temperment, and (dare we say it?) MF’s wild side. Click through the gallery above to check out Melanie’s selections and then read her candid conversation with Reshma B. Video And Interview After The Jump… Read more »

Grand Theft Auto V Reggae Selections

Grand Theft Auto V Reggae Selections

Lee “Scratch” Perry Programs GTA V’s Blue Ark Radio Playlist

The biggest selling video game in the world has always had the baddest tunes. Grand Theft Auto V hits stores today and the reggae playlist tun up. Just jack any passing car, turn your radio dial to The Blue Ark and check out these roots and ragga selections courtesy of mixmaster Lee “Scratch” Perry. As you can imagine, there are plenty of Upsetter cuts—he may act like a madman, but don’t sleep… Scratch is about his paper. Happily there’s also some Konshens and Chronixx and Kartel too. Click through the photos above to get in tune. Wheel Out…  Read more »

Sean Kingston Talks “Back 2 Life,” Reggae Music

Sean Kingston Talks "Back 2 Life," Reggae Music

The Miami-Born Jamaica-Raised Pop Star Picks His 10 Favorite Reggae Jams
Kington isn’t just Sean Kingston’s last name, it’s also the place where he spent years growing up. The young pop star was born in Miami and grew up in Jamaica where he used to kick it with reggae artists like Buju Banton as a youth. On his new album, Back 2 Life (in stores today) SK shows his Jamaican culture more than ever. He’s even performing in Kingston JA later this month. So we asked him to run through his 10 favorite reggae and dancehall tunes—and we’re not mad at his selections. And if you happen to be in Kingston JA this September 25, get ready to catch Kingston live in Kingston!
Videos After The Jump… Read more »

7 Essential I-Octane Tunes

7 Essential I-Octane Tunes

Just In Case You Never Know

I-Octane’s latest video “Gal A Gimme Bun” is something new for the artist who blazed onto the Jamaican scene seven years ago with a steady diet of conscious lyrics with just the right street edge. As we prepare to premiere the new video on Boomshots, we decided to take a look back at the songs that made the singjay one of the hottest artists in the dancehall. Click the image above to check out the list…

Jillionaire’s Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2013

DJ Yoga Pants List His Favorite Soca Songs Of This Yearjill


1/3 of Major Lazer, Trinidadian native Jillionaire knows a thing or two about Soca music. He has blessed us today with a list of the Top Ten ( in no particular order) Tunes Of Carnival 2013, songs that have been rocking all the fetes of this Carnival season. All the usual suspects are there along with a couple newcomers which rounds out this solid list. Lets not waste anymore time, Check The List After The Jump… Read more »

Top 10 Ganja Legalization Tunes

Legalize It And I Will Advertise It

Why is Peter Tosh smiling? The ongoing struggle to repeal the prohibition of marijuana has inspired countless great records—and earlier this month it inspired a historic moment at the ballot box. Starting December 6 in the state of Washington and January 1 in Colorado, the dream of legal ganja will become a reality. Many questions remain: Will California be the next American state to free up the herbs? Will the Federal government sit back and let west coasters puff in peace? Will Jamaica ever embrace its number-one cash crop? While we ponder those issues, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest reggae songs ever sung in defense of ganja decriminalization. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Top 10 Sluggy Ranks Selections

A Full Clip Of Certified Boomshots From The Late Great Dancehall Singer

One of the greatest vocalists of the New York dancehall scene, Sluggy Ranks, died this past weekend at the age of 44 following a car crash in Kingston. Born Andrew Gregory in Jamaica, Sluggy moved to Brooklyn as a youth and soon began recording for local producers, releasing numerous classic tracks on the Jah Life, Witty’s, Park Heights, Shelly’s, Digital English, Tan Yah, and Wild Apache labels throughout the 1980s and ’90s. He eventually became a foundation artist within the NYC reggae community. A mainstay at Don One dub studio, Sluggy was known for hard-edged yet conscious lyrics and his trademark “EEE” ad-lib. Although he could charge top dollar to put his voice on dubplate, Sluggy was always willing to work with a small sound to help another “Ghetto Youth Buss.” Anytime he took up the mic in a live dancehall session, excitement was sure to follow. According to his obituary on, he adopted the name Sluggy Ranks as a means of “shooting the slugs of destruction, murder and chaos with righteousness, unity and forgiveness.” Let’s take a look back at the man’s musical legacy. Rest In Power Mr. Slug.

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The Top 20 Lady Saw Songs

All Hail The Queen

Photographs by William Richards

Happy (belated) Birthday Dancehall Queen. You’ve heard the phrase “Bad Bitches Bomb First”? Well I fink it was originated by this Lady here. Over the years Marion Hall, aka Lady Saw, has taken the reggae industry by storm, blazing a trail for females in a field that’s supposedly dominated by the boys. Despite being a “lady,” her chat has been tough enough to compete with—and in many cases, excel—her male counterparts. Of course she’s created her fair share of controversy along the way—revolutionaries always do. Read more »