Top 10 Ganja Legalization Tunes

Legalize It And I Will Advertise It

Why is Peter Tosh smiling? The ongoing struggle to repeal the prohibition of marijuana has inspired countless great records—and earlier this month it inspired a historic moment at the ballot box. Starting December 6 in the state of Washington and January 1 in Colorado, the dream of legal ganja will become a reality. Many questions remain: Will California be the next American state to free up the herbs? Will the Federal government sit back and let west coasters puff in peace? Will Jamaica ever embrace its number-one cash crop? While we ponder those issues, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest reggae songs ever sung in defense of ganja decriminalization. Audio After The Jump…

Peter Tosh “Legalize It“:

Lone Ranger “Legalize the National Herb”

Peter Tosh “Bush Doctor”:

Wayne Marshall “Legalize Ganja”:

John Holt “Police In Helicopter”

Sizzla “Free Up The Herbs”

Sugar Minott “Oh Mr. DC”

Buju Banton “Legalize It”

Buju Banton “Sensimilla Persecution”

Vybz Kartel “Mr. Officer”

(OK, we couldn’t stop at just 10…)

Tony Rebel “The Herb”

Roundhead & Jason Sweetness “Ganja Fi Legal”

Bajja Jedd “Ganja Smoking”

Peter Tosh “Cold Blood”

Steel Pulse “Drug Squad”

Aswad “Just A Little Herb”

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