Sizzla “Praise Ye Jah” 25th Anniversary Mixtape

Celebrating a Classic Album, Live From Judgment Yard

“I did behold!” It’s been a quarter of a century since Sizzla Kalonji’s anthem “Praise Ye Jah” first rang out of sound systems all across Jamaica and electrified the worldwide dancehall reggae massive with his revolutionary sound and energy. When the teen prodigy born Miguel Collins linked up with legendary producer Philip “Fatis” Burrell and his Xterminator crew—including saxophonist and musical director Dean Fraser, Sly & Robbie, and a veteran session band known as the Firehouse Crew—musical history was made. Fast forward to 2023 and Fatis’ son Kareem “Remus” Burrell is carrying on the family legacy with XTM Nation. Today XMT is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sizzla’s landmark album ‘Praise Ye Jah’ by bringing the vibes to a new generation with XTM’s “Praise Ye Jah” mixtape featuring exclusive dubplates by the likes of Tarrus Riley, Spragga Benz, Kabaka Pyramid, Pressure Buss Pipe, Protoje, Lila Ike, and more. The Boomshots crew linked up with XTM and rolled to August Town for an exclusive reasoning with the man they call Dada. He spoke about his memories of working with Fatis, his respect for Remus, and his unique vision for his purpose in life. Sizzla has invested the proceeds of a successful music career, building up his Judgment Yard community, providing a working studio, library, and other economic opportunities, and supporting the Sizzla Youth Foundation. This man’s motivation goes way beyond industry accolades. Time to put some respect on Sizzla’s name. Mixtape & Mini-Doc After The Jump… 

Big Up Dean Fraser, Singy Singy, Remus, and the Guru himself, Philip “Fatis” Burrell Xterminator Sound, Fatis, Remus, Rugged Youth, Richie Supreme, and the Reggae Girl About Town
🎥 Ryan Yardreel, Roberto Carlo, Reinaldo Valdes-King

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