Stefflon Don Speaks On Making a Dancehall “Move”

“Something Hype, Feisty & Rooted”

Stefflon Don is getting back to her bashment roots with a new single called “Move,” produced by Troyon the dancehall hitmaker who crafted Sean Paul’s worldwide smash “Gimme The Light.” We linked the UK bad gyal who spoke on her latest release for Quality Control Music / Motown. “‘Move’ is inspired by the old me, the Steff that the world was first introduced to,” says the artist who made waves with her late 2016 mixtape Real Ting. “I felt like it was needed to come back with something hype, feisty and rooted.” Check out Stefflon Don’s latest video right now. Video After The Jump…

“If you nuh like me, you’s a hater.” Run that…

“Troyton what you got?” Stefflon Don asked the producer when she hit the studio. “Working with Steff was a great, great vibe,” Troyton recalls. “It was easy. She’s down-to-earth. That energy that she bring. I played a couple tracks for her and she told me the kinda vibe she was looking for. And once she kinda give me the idea I went into the archives and the first one that I played for her, she was like YO! This is it! And she was just vibing and then she went straight into the booth to knock it out one time. She was sptting mad bars, rhymes, and it was just great. It was a beautiful thing. We just glad that time come and it’s out now. We’re expecting big things with all the work that I’ve been doing. Just coming off of that big track with Ne-Yo and Charly Black. We’re just working!”

BOOMSHOTS> Troyton the producer for this track has made some dancehall classics. What was it like working with him?

Stefflon Don: Troyton was super dope working with. He’s so humble, so relaxed. I actually didn’t know about any previous tracks. I know his dad. His dad’s a good chef and he was like “My son’s in L.A. Would you link up with him?” and I ended up going to see him, which was a good thing. Now this is like my first single. But yeah he’s so dope. He’s so down-to-earth.

BOOMSHOTS> You are featured on the new Buju Banton album Upside Down 2020. What was it like performing with him live in Jamaica’s National Stadium?

Stefflon Don: Oh my gosh! It was amazing performing with him. He’s like—him and Kartel are llke the biggest legends in Jamaica, and Buju Banton goes even further back. And it’s just like… this is someone who I listened to growing up. Who I am definitely inspired by. Who has carried this culture worldwide—Jamaican music, the dancehall reggae, worldwide—and has made a huge impact. So to be standing next to someone like and for someone like that to ask me to perform alongside them, that was a dream come true. I’m totally grateful and I love his album. Love that I’m on it. It’s  just amazing working with such a huge legend.

BOOMSHOTS> You’re always repping dancehall culture from music and slang to your style. Who are some of your style icons? 

Stefflon Don: I actually love Rihanna. I think she’s really dope. Of course going back to Jamaica, women like Spice are very influential. Lady Saw—big influence. Patra—big influence. Yeah. Sean Paul. All these Jamaican artists from dancehall culture. Beenie Man, all of them, Vybz Kartel obviously. All these people have just been influential.

BOOMSHOTS> This year’s Notting Hill Carnival was canceled due to the corona lockdown. Did you do anything special to celebrate the holiday?

Stefflon Don: I didn’t do anything special to celebrate the day however Instagram was going mad because of Adele. [Laughs] So I was  enjoying that moment. Obvioiusly not the negative stuff. All of the good stuff that they said about her. We Jamaicans are very open and we loved every minute of it and we love Adele. So yeah. Good good.


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