Hold Tight Party Rocks NYC

“Alpha Lion” Jason Panton Hosts a new Reggae, Dancehall, R&B Event

Co-Founder of Dubwise Jamaica (along w/ International selector Yaadcore and Reggae/Hip Hop Artist, Protoje) and innovator in music, fashion and art, Jason Panton held a toe-to-toe, bursting-at-the-seams, “Hold Tight New York City” event at Lover’s Rock this past Saturday, September 29. The Nova Southeastern University alumnus has mastered the skill of showcasing talent and hosting cultural events. With Dubwise sessions in California, Miami, Trinidad and Tobago and New York,  Panton is also a selector himself with an ear for emerging talent. Panton held an event in New York for his birthday, with a mix of musical genres including reggae, dancehall and rhythm and blues. We caught up with him to not only to congratulate him but also to find out more about the cultivation of this successful event. Interview After The Jump


Interview with Jason Panton

Angel: Bless up Jason, what a fun way to celebrate your birthday.

Jason: Yes, I was playing around with blending sounds, especially R and B and reggae and most clubs in Jamaica play reggae soul like Sevana, Lila Ike, Naomi Cowan, so I wanted to bring more of a modern rhythm and blues vibe into the equation, and what better to test out something new, than with New York. The New York Crowd is so live and they are real and will let you know if it works or not.


Angel: Great to hear you play alongside,  Veteran New York Selector, DJ Gringo and representing for the ladies, DJ Binghi Dan and Nzingha.

Jason: Yes Gringo is definitely a Veteran and it was nice working with Nadia Lowe-Binghi Dan, a young and an upcoming deejay. The event was also hosted by Nzingha, an aspiring deejay. I could easily book myself as I was already curating events, however its harder to get booked as a newer deejay otherwise.  For this reason, I took it on myself to give new deejays who really want it, a platform. I plan to bring Hold Tight to Jamaica. My whole thing is to innovate and create a new genre for a mash up event, for African people world-wide.

Angel: I have to say while I love, Gyptian – “I Can Feel Your Pain,” I never thought I would hear that song played at a club setting. It was refreshing to see the people’s response to a song like that which has a rhythm and blues feel to it, on the dance floor.

Jason: Gyptian, ah do it, a different type of Mash Up, people were loving it! Plus too if you noticed, we did not focus on rhythm and blues, reggae covers- but rather, we focused on the chord progression and connected music in terms of the production. For example, we played Dennis Brown “West Bound Train” and Al Green “Love and Happiness/ Chronixx “Majesty” and The Spinners “I’ll Be Around.” We want to show how these two different genres of music, are complimentary in terms of influence and production.

Angel: Fantastic, will you host another Hold Tight in New York?

Jason: We are locked in for Saturday, November 17 at Lovers Rock and we are bringing Naomi Cowan, so New York Massive come out and show your support.

Angel: Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your earthstrong with you and hope you enjoyed your special day.

Jason: I really enjoyed my birthday and this mash up, I want to thank you and Rob Kenner, thank you Boomshots Magazine. I also need to thank Shane Fernstein from Lovers Rock and Marcus Burrowes from Rockers NYC for putting the cards on the table and everyone for supporting my creative design and the Lovers Rock New York T-shirts as well.

Jason Panton 

Photo of Jason Panton by Nkosi @nkosiart

Cover Photograph by @Nikkisayshoot

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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