PREMIERE: Duane Pressure “Can I” Official Music Video

Duane Pressures The Ladies With Latest Visual

Duane Pressure serenades the women with beautiful Rhythm and Blues vocals, in the inviting dancehall tune, “Can I.”  Performing for the last 13 years, Duane Pressure catapulted his career to stardom with hard work and perseverance. The dancer turned singer, influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, Christopher Martin, Mavodo, Buju Banton, and Vybz Kartel, shows that he made the right move by starting a music career. In his new video for “Can I,” he shows the ladies that chivalry is not dead, by opening the door to love.  Interview and Video After The Jump




Angel: Bless up, Duane Pressure


Duane Pressure: Bless up Angel


Angel: Are you from Jamaica?


Duane Pressure:  I was born here but both of my parents are Jamaican and have a home there, so I spend most of my summers in Jamaica. It is as I grew up in both places.


Angel: How did you get your start, for a music career?


Duane Pressure: I started as a dancer, 13 years ago, going back and forth between New York and Jamaica to do shows. I always wanted to do music, I was influenced by Michael Jackson, Usher, Christopher Martin, Mavodo,  Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel, but I was shy and I had a stammer, like I stutter. Many people told me it would be impossible to start a music career because I stutter. However, I always believed in myself. You always have to believe in yourself.  I went to Gary Sherlock, who does the Annual All White Party in Jamaica and worked on the song “Gone Up,” a party tune. The song had some plays on radio in New York, Florida and it blew up in Jamaica and I have to give thanks to Fire Links for that.

You always have to believe in yourself.

Angel: How did you come up with the lyrics of “Can I”?


Duane Pressure: The lyrics are like something I would actually say to a woman. You always have to ask. I’m not going to lie, that song is about sex and I love sex, but I use protection and I am a gentleman about it, “Can I, Can I, Can I, pull up to your body tonight?” The song is grown and sexy, with a Dancehall and R and B feel to it. I worked closely with DJ SK to produce the overall sound.


Angel: I like the way you deliver the vocals over the beat.  Where did you shoot the video?


Duane Pressure: Yes the video was shot at two locations in Brooklyn, Trelawni Place Sea Food Grill and Bar and then a brownstone in Bushwick. The video is clean, there is no rawness. You can still visualize the story or song lyrics.

You can still visualize the story or song lyrics.


Angel: It was a high quality video and we thank you for choosing Boomshots Magazine, for World Premiere of your video.


Duane Pressure: Thank you for this opportunity to share my music and look out for more from Duane Pressure


In the video, directed by Anthony Gordon (Gordon Studios), Duane Pressure treats his lady to a classy night of fine dining at “Trelawni Place” – an actual Jamaican Seafood Bar and Grill located in Brooklyn, New York. Pink and purple neon lighting,  similar to that used in Rihanna’s “Work” video (featuring Drake) directed by Tim Erem, adds a sensual lighting effect. Close up, camera angles add an extra touch of intimacy, which meshes well with the song’s lyrics.

“Can I, Can I, Can I, pull up to your body tonight?”




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Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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