PREMIERE: 5Star “Lightning Storm” Official Music Video

Musical Shock Attack Outta The Bebble Rock

“Police lock me lyrics with a federal charge,” proclaims Five Star on his hard-striking rub-a-dub anthem “Lightning Storm,” produced by Kabaka Pyramid and Genius T. The last time we heard from the Five Star general he was dropping hits like “Warn Dem” and “3rd Eye Open” now the artist’s stepping forward with another musical shock attack. “Tell Babylon keep cool and keep calm,” the dreadlocks singer cautions, “Before them end up run up inna lightning storm.” Boomshots proudly premieres the visuals for this high voltage selection that’s guaranteed to send shock waves around the world. Video After The Jump…

“Step inna the place like a lightning storm” Run that…

“Well ‘Lightning Storm’ essentially ah talk bout the current weh I and I ah bring forward,” Five Star tells Boomshots. “That energy that I as well as different ones ah come in with musically. It’s creative and constructive, but to anybody with a destructive mindset, anybody with destructive tendencies, the energy we come off ah go feel destructive to them. Them haffi run when the current come in. We impartial, like how our storm impartial. We just comin’ in within that frequency. And I think the video reflects that: a lot of energy, a lot of dynamism. Very dynamic, very colorful, at the same time with a potency, at the same time with a reverance and with a heights. And personally inna my career, we ah see where the foundation, which is necessary for anything substantial to develop, is being built. Yeah, so we can see signs of that now. So we grateful and just ah take everything in stride. And learn and grow every day. Hopefully this can be a good push forward to make ones hear I and hear what I and I is about. At the same time fulljoy it and resonate to the vibes.”

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