Third World, Bushman, DJ Gringo and Alpha Lion To Pay Tribute to Bob Marley Tonight At Highline Ballroom

Special Memorial For Bob Marley Set For New York City Stage Tonight

Most of the Bob Marley Tributes in New York City, take place in February, with dates on or adjacent to his actual birthday, February 6. However, on the date of Bob Marley’s death, May 11, Third World Band will reminisce on someone who they knew both musically and personally.  More After The Jump…

“When Bob died, and so was a tragic and somber day. What a great loss of a fellow musician and great friend. This is not so much a celebration, because we don’t believe in that as Rastafarians, we want to observe him, remember him and his legacy of music. This is nothing new for us, every show we do we have a special tribute segment for our friend, Bob Marley. He was such a great person, we could never stop thinking about him and we want others to remember him as well, and his tremendous contribution to this genre of music, we call reggae.” – Cat Coore, Third World Band

“He was such a great person, we could never stop thinking about him and we want others to remember him as well, and his tremendous contribution to this genre of music, we call reggae.”

Not only is the timing unique for a show like this in New York, but the show is being put on by people who knew the man himself. The event was organized by Third World who carefully selected who they wanted to collaborate with for this show.

“This is an observation so we had to work with people who would understand the seriousness in bringing forth excellence at this concert.”

The line up includes,  Reggae Artist, Bushman as well as both a veteran Selector, DJ Gringo and a newer Selector, Alpha Lion and was well thought out:

“It is a true honor to do this for Bob. I am also finishing up my new album, “More Work To Be Done,’ which is executively produced by his son Damian Marley.”-Cat Coore, Third World

In speaking to Stephen Cat Coore, it’s hard to believe that this band was formed in 1973 because he still has such exuberance when it comes to the music itself. Third World remains one of the longest standing reggae bands, with 45 years of dedication to reggae music.

The Bushmen of Southern Africa are some of the wisest people on earth as they live in unison with their natural surroundings. It is no wander a reggae artist of the same name would become one of the best culture, roots reggae artist to date. Dwight Duncan , “Bushman,” has given us songs like,  “Fire Pon A Weak Heart,” and ” Fire Pon A Deadas,” containing conscious lyrics that can impact one’s lifestyle for more sustained well-being. To hear these high caliber tunes live and a special tribute to Bob Marley, will be amazing. It’s not on the flyer but the word is out and all New York massive is looking forward to Highline Ballroom, this evening.

Errol Okera, “DJ Gringo” is a Top Tier New York City Dee Jay and Radio Personality, with a weekly show entitled ‘The Joint” on Sirius XM. This Dee Jay has earned weekly gigs, that keeps him booked every day of the week. Gringo’s most notable events are his “Tune In Tuesdays” at Kinfolk and “Sattama Sundays” at Bar 13 – a collaboration with long-standing New York City Promoter, Lady Tia. Gringo has developed a following that keeps his events bursting at the seams, including his annual birthday bash. The crowds are drawn to his events, because of his mixture of dance songs in all genres and his culture sets, which include dub, drum and bass, roots reggae and foundation tunes.

“I am glad to be a part of this tribute to the King of Reggae Music Bob Marley, and to share a stage with Third World live and my brethren Alpha Lion from Dubwise. I will spin some tunes and definitely represent. New York, Do not miss this event!”

Jason Panton,” Alpha Lion” is a multitalented innovator in music, fashion and art. He co-founded Dubwise Jamaica, along with International Selector, Yaadcore and Reggae Revival Artist, Protoje in 2013. With a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts and Arts Management from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.  Panton helped mastermind the tri-fold mission of Dubwise Jamaica: 1) to create a platform for Yardcore to grow as a Selector and showcase his talent,  2) maintain a consistent weekly reggae cultural event, and 3) make dub and roots and culture accessible to a wider audience. Now, five years later, there are Dubwise sessions California, Mami, Trinidad and Tobago and New York and Yaadcore’s career has taken off at an exponential rate. Panton now is a Selector himself and is currently working with emerging talent to continue to market the positivity of the Dubwise Brand. He has two mixtapes coming out on his “Wrd, Sound, Pwr” label including Naomi Cowan “Paradise Plum” and “Kabaka Pyramid Meets Protoje. ” He is an  Assistant and Creative Director for several music videos, most notably Grammy-nominated band, Raging Fyah’s cover of “Milk and Honey” by Dennis Emmanuel Brown.

“It is essential to balance off the energies that currently exist. Reggae roots is a positive movement. It’s but so much that you can turn up and bend over.  I want to keep the positive messages in the music reverberating, and make it just as cool.”

“I give thanks to Third World for inviting me to be part of this special tribute to Bob Marley in New York. We will also be embarking on a tour of Africa soon with shows in Soweto, Ghana, and Zambia together.  I have to also give thanks and respect to DJ Gringo because he partnered with us to bring the first Dubwise to New York City, so it will be great to share this stage with him again. We will bring forth a lot of uplifting messages in our musical selections tonight. ”

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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