Boomshots 420 Playlist (2018)

A Playlist with Smoking Hot Chalice Chunes 

California was the first state to launch a program for the use of medical marijuana, with Proposition 215 in 1996. This was followed up with the groundbreaking Senate Bill 420 in 2003, to clarify the provisions for medical use and protect those with authorized medical prescriptions from criminalization. This gave way to the 420 movement that is celebrated on April 20 for cannabis culture. Now 29 states allow for the medical use of marijuana, while only 8 states (California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, North Dakota, Arkansas and Montana) have legalized recreational use in the United States. On a Federal level, marijuana is illegal and viewed as a highly addictive Schedule I drug, with no therapeutic properties.

Reggae music, as a genre, has always produced music with a high level of consciousness and significant social commentary. Throughout the years, there have been many marijuana anthems promoting freedom of choice, which are highly revered by smokers and non-smokers of this plant. On this 420, also Earth Day we hope to take you on a natural musical and mystic high with the Boomshots 420 Playlist.  Boomshots 420 Playlist After The Jump…

Boomshots 420 Playlist (*songs not in specific order)

  1. Rita Marley – “One Draw” – Rita Marley takes us to a sky level with these soft mellow vocals:


  1. Jah9- “Steamers A Bubble”-Jah9 comments on how the preparation of the herb, with ancient rituals, provides for mental freedom and healing.


  1. Damian “Junior Gong” Marley featuring Stephen Marley, Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla Sign – “Medication” Remix – the song emphasizes how the marijuana plant serves as a therapeutic intervention for many patients. Marijuana is used as a healing oil and for asthma relief for the youngest of patients, babies (throughout Africa and the Caribbean) and used worldwide as analgesic for patients with chronic pain and cancer. When Hip Hop and Reggae meet at a common ground, the result is an effervescent sound.

“Your medication makes me high
Just be patient
I’m like a patient trying to find

  1. Jafrass- “Legal”– hot weed anthem released this spring from rising star, Jafrass.

5. Marlon Asher – “Ganja Farmer” –this marijuana anthem will remain timeless for years and years.


  1. Chronixx featuring Eesah – “Perfect Tree”– The lyrics of this Chronixx and Eesah collaboration, comment on how marijuana is analogous to a perfect tree. In a Boomshots Interview with Eesah, he gave further insght into why marijuana is the “Perfect Tree”:

“It helps us to get in a humble spirit, where no bad vibes can get at us when we are creating. It has healing and has medicinal properties which help us to focus. Also the focus itself is positive and peaceful.  It is a very great creation from the Most High God.”- Eesah


  1. Dexta Daps- “Shabba Madda Pot” – fans can’t get enough of this 2015 release with 15 million views on YouTube.

  1. DaVillins featuring Brngtn – “How High”– Brownsville, Brooklyn artists, DaVillins and Brngtn (from Stryvaz Soundsystem) spit fire over this DJ Skizz smooth production, for a hip hop reggae vaporizer.

  1. Ras Attitude- “Marijuana” – Ras Attitude makes it clear that Rastafari only blaze one herb in a chalice.


  1. Queen Omega – “Ganja Baby” – such beautiful vocals from Queen Omega, representing for the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

  1. Vanessa Bongo – “Sensimilla State of Mind” (Notis Production) – Bajan Beauty, Vanessa Bongo expresses that Marijuana heals the mind with a peaceful meditation.

  1. Tony Curtis – “High Grade” – aclassic high grade anthem, reggae music lovers can’t get enough of!

“They will not legalize it, because they know we’ll reap the profit”

Cover Photograph * William “Dub Lion”

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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