Ras Kaneo Inspiring Others Through Music

In Depth Interview with New Artist: Ras Kaneo

Ras Kaneo is a rising star in 2018, with a great vocal range, conscious lyrics and a growing fan-base. The Jamaican artist is looking forward to the release of his highly anticipated debut EP, “Emotions of Life,” which does not have a set release date, but some lyrically heavy singles so far. This is a up-close and personal interview with this artist to learn about his music and mission.   Interview After The Jump…


Angel: Good evening, Ras Kaneo,

Ras Kaneo: Greetings Princess

Angel: Tell us about your recent performance at the Haile Selassie High School

Ras Kaneo: Yes, it was part of the Conscious Reggae Party School Tour- we performed at Porus High School in Manchester, Relay for Life and schools in Montego Bay. It was an honor to perform at the Haile Selassie High School to motivate the children and promote education, non violence and conscious awareness, overall. I performed “Ghetto Life” and “Life Adi Greatest.”

Angel: Why did you select these songs for your presentation?

Ras Kaneo: I wanted to spread the message, that crime does not pay – with crime, we see this day-in and day-out, going on and we can’t wait until it gets to your doorstep.” Life Adi Greatest” talks about being careful with your life, watch what you do, what you say. We only get one life, so move in the direction of betterment.

Angel: How did you get into music?

Ras Kaneo: Music has always been a part of my existence, I don’t think I really got into it. I always had my parents listening to Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh and their lyrics resonated with me. I found myself trying to emulate what I heard growing up and in 2008 I did my first recording with Kevin Brown.


I never had formal music training though. My first EP, “Emotions of Life” will be released soon, produced by Ghetto Life Records and G-City Music.

Angel:  Why do you think you are see such momentum so quickly?

Ras Kaneo: I write lyrics that are conscious and I have a rebellious, fiery sound. My vocals are full of passion and soul. These songs are about the real life of Junior Dixon, Ras Kaneo- born in St. Catherine, grown in St. Mary. My father died when I was 16, so I had to be the man of the house and grow up quickly. But I also felt like my father prepared me well with a good foundation and values. He taught me to fight for what you believe and for what your worth.


This is what I want to bring to people, positive music, clean music that can be played anywhere in the house, because no explicit language, gangsta lyrics or gun glorification. I never want to forget who I am or what I am about. Know who you are and your duty. Hopefully, listeners will be able to tap in and relate to my music and sound.

Angel: You are definitely sharing some powerful lyrics with depth.

Ras Kaneo: I been through a lot of things. My Empress and I went throught the loss of a newborn at 3 weeks old due to a heart condition, followed by two miscarriages. It was like the most difficult tragedy. But going through this and other experiences, I know that you pray for the best, look for the worst but what is to be must be. Adversity is a great teacher in life and I will continue to learn from it and be strengthened, especially in terms of my character. My goal is to strengthen others and let them know they are not alone through my music. Lead Jah people as an Israelite.


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Angel: Thank you for sharing with Boomshots Magazine about your personal life experiences and artistry.

Ras Kaneo: Thank you Angel and Boomshots for giving new artists the opportunity to be heard. Look out for more from Ras Kaneo and my label, Ghetto Life Records in the near future.


Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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