Yaadcore Greets Fari DiFuture: Farmer Man West Coast Tour

Yaadcore and Fari Di Future On US Tour

This week Yaadcore and his artist, Fari DiFuture will embark on a West Coast US Tour. This 8 city promotional tour will introduce Fari DiFuture, an East Coast artist with a rapidly growing fan base to new fans on the West Coast.  The first stop is Seattle Washington, where the artist will link up with another rising artist Keznamdi, currently on his Skyline Level Vol. 1 Tour and the “Irie Lights” band. Along the tour route, Fari DiFuture will also perform alongside Israel Vibration, Roots Radics and King Ivier.  More Information On This US Tour After The Jump…



Yaadcore is one of the most humble deejays despite receiving world-wide acclaim in the music community;  his brand seeing an exponential rise over the last few years. He credits Protoje for giving him his big break: “Working with Protoje really gave me the leverage to be where I am now. We worked on a mixtape called “Seven Itch Sampler” for his first album together and we have become so close, like brothers.” Over the last few years we have seen Yaadcore tour as a deejay, produce mixtapes and music and touch the mic with artistic lyrics. Fans appreciate that his selections cater to the mind:

“I specialize in Roots Reggae because of the energy the music itself brings, it goes along with the positive word sound to uplift the people. Music is for healing not misleading. I was always conscious of this even when I used to play all types of music. Once I had my son, I realized I had to stop playing when he came into the room because of the slackness lyrics in the music. This is when I realized if I wanted to protect my son from these type of lyrics,  I would  also want to do the same for other youths and the people in general.  I am from all the mansions of Rastafari because there are many reasonings from them all I can relate to or live by but I identify with the 12 Tribes of Israel as I man a Israelite through spiritual guidance from God of Creation in this time.”

Now we see Yaadcore in his latest role as a manager, who wants to continue to bring positive lyrics to the massive with new artist, Fari DiFuture:

Fans cannot afford to miss this tour because we’re coming to the West Coast with a brand new artist for the first time. It’s definitely a special moment for Fari DiFuture as an artist and his fans will have the opportunity to grow with him on his first West Coast Voyage.” -Yaadcore

Fari DiFuture

Kemani Ifari Powell, Fari DiFuture grew up in Kingston’s Cooreville Gardens under the tutelage of his parents Winston and Maizy Powell, both singers in the reggae band, “Midnight Rider.” Being born into a musical family and attending formal music school in Jamaica, Fari DiFuture was passionate about pursuing a music career. In 2017, his song “Farmer Man” ( produced by Donovan Joseph and Earl Chinna Smith ) caught the musical ear of Yaadcore and he was signed to the deejay’s record label, 12 Yaad Records.




Since then he has done numerous live performances in New York City where he resides, Atlanta and Miami. Fari DiFuture has opened shows for international artist, Protoje and music legend, Horace Andy. As a rising artist, Fari DiFuture stands out because of his vocal ability and range. I am confident that the West Coast will receive this artist with deep admiration.

This tour is a breath of fresh air. We are coming to the West Coast with a new sound in Roots Rock Reggae;  an up-full vibration that will transcend across the nation.” –Fari DiFuture



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Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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