Navino Next Level: New Label, Music, and Outlook

Rising Star Overcomes Challenges and Sees Growth In Popularity

With great vocals and song concepts, rising talent from St. Mary, Jamaica, Ricardo “Navino” Fraser, is steadily gaining momentum. Recently signing to Real Live Records and releasing  the songs “Sup’n Like Suh,” “Yuh Fi Bruki, “Shallow Grave,” and “Never Touch Yet, ” Navino is seeing a steep rise in his music career. With the lyrical artillery to keep up with the best in dancehall and  new management, his fan-base is growing at a record fast pace. More After The Jump…

“I first linked Navino in January 2016, to let him know that I had a riddim and wanted to know how much he charged to voice. To my surprise, he said he just wanted me to pay for the two hours studio time. From there we set up a 50/50 publishing. After we saw that we worked well together on this first project and I already knew about his great voice and image from his work with Roach, JA Productions, so Greg (my brother who is co-owner of the label and an artist) and I  felt confident signing him to Real Live Records. We are  excited about how his career is soaring and  several upcoming projects, including another summer release “Nothing Over We” produced by True Blue Music and upcoming collaborations with Frenz For Real, Jah Snowcone – Victory Boss Music and Armz House. You know my brother Greg and I were members of Wha Gwan Entertainment where we did heavy promotion in Philadelphia. We kinda left the business and came back to it releasing our first production, “Summer House” riddim on July 29, 2016. It was one year ago we started this small record label so to see how things are progressing-everything is just coming full circle.”- Gary Rainford, Real Live Records.

In Navino’s latest video directed by Magical Studios JA, he inquiries about a woman of interest, only to receive negative reviews. He quotes the Troyton produced, Dexta Daps track “7 Eleven” and does not follow the rumors. Navino soon learns that there are two sides of the coin, and a lot of the nay-sayers were previously rejected. The on camera chemistry between Jamaican model, Shamarie Brooks and Navino sizzles in this hot new release.

“Me Nah Trust Hear Seh, Seeing Is Believing”

We spoke to Navino to learn more about his music from his point of view.


Angel: Greetings Navino

Navino: Bless Angel

Angel: You have seen some great momentum 2017

Navino: Yuh Dun Kno I been putting in the work voicing  a lot of tunes

Angel:  You’ve been in this music for awhile

Navino: Yeah I was signed  JOP with Aidonia in 2010 and then I released “Chillin Time” on the Overproof riddim with JA productions. At the time, Patrick “Roach” Samuels was my manager and I was working with him and Justus Arison of JA Productions.

Then I was devastated when Roach passed away. Lost my manager and friend and I saw a real set back in my career. But I knew I had to keep pushing forward.

Angel: That must have been a tough time. How did you face this crossroad in your life?

Navino: It was difficult but I knew I had to keep voicing tunes and pushing.  Two things: One-I was confident in my talent so I could not give up on myself and my music and Two-I knew that I really love music and singing; I was never in it for money.

Angel: Positive outlook, which I am sure helped you to reach this point in your career. You have many great songs but the one gaining a lot of attention is “Never Touch Yet.” How did you come up with the lyrics for “Never Touch Yet”?

Navino: Yeah it is, we released the song in the spring and people gravitated to it and we just released the video. The lyrics are based on my experience, where I was interested in this girl. So naturally when you like someone, you inquire about them. When I asked about her – people were calling her dog, like trying fi seh like she with a lot of guys. I decided to get to know her for myself still, come to find out ironically, she was nothing like how she was described. The same guys were texting her who tried  to discourage me from speaking to her in the first place. The song is over the cuddle riddim produced by LenKey Records and Real Live Records.

Angel: This personal experience translated well through the song lyrics. What’s next for you?

Navino: I’m working with several producers in the studio including Frenz for Real, Jah Snowcone, Victory Boss and Armz House. Then I want to tour internationally starting with the U.S. in Florida and going from there from the East Coast to the West Coast. I am ready to perform, promotors link up.

Angel: You  have a promising career ahead of you. Thank you for sharing with Boomshots Magazine.

Navino: Thank you Angel and Boomshots Magazine for noticing the works.

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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  1. Gary stevens says:

    Very talented artiste. He is gonna be great I can see it love his music

  2. Rick Simons says:

    Bad artist. Full of talent. Natural voice. I love his music.keep pushing bro. The world is waiting for you

  3. Jason hunter says:

    Song bad artiste a shot

  4. I’m a big fan of NAVINO.. I love his songs.. Great artiste very talented. “Never touch yet” big song mi artiste. Ur time now

  5. Young visionary says:

    Very tatened artist, there no doubt he going to be one of the greats of Reggae&dance hall

  6. jjay campbell says:


    he as great songs

  7. Iam1happyguy says:

    Mad!! Big up yourself bro always Keep it a 100

  8. Iam1happyguy says:

    Keep up the good work

  9. Vass says:

    (Navino) a bad bad artiste,( ina song we nuh call man name) bad song a swear, scheme yute big up u self enuh, a vass a represent up

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