Chronixx Celebrates ‘Chronology’ at Celebrate Brooklyn!

Reshma B Kicks It With The Chron Dada

It still seems strange to call Chronixx’s album Chronology a debut. From Start a Fyah to Dread & Terrible to Roots & Chalice, the Steam Ministah has put in much work over the years. But last Friday, the artist’s first official album was released to digital streaming services everywhere and topped the iTunes Reggae chart. A fitting place to celebrate the moment was at the Celebrate Brooklyn! festival in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park where a massive gathering took place last night, filling the outdoor venue to capacity with many more listening outside. Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Redemption band rose to the occasion, delivering a blazing set of hits, punctuated with speeches like this one: “Dancehall was the only platform for artists who chose to talk the truth. Because every other music was purely entertainment, and the music coming out of the ghettos in the 1960s started to become very rooted in spirituality. The modern world didn’t like it, the radio didn’t play it, so you had people in Jamaica who created a thing called the sound system—which is still the only good system on this planet. Every other system shall fail. And the only system… Cause in the beginning was the word, and a word is a sound. So the sound system is the first system God create. You see it? And every other system shall fall and leave the sound system.” After a performance to remember, Chronixx sat down backstage to reason with Reshma B Video After The Jump…
“We create dancehall to play cultural music. That ah our thing. As you hear a man say, that is our church. The dancehall is our church. Yeah. So right now we inna dancehall fe keep the culture going. And is one thing that can bring the culture forward, and is love, not hate. Whenever you go into the studio and record a song because you hate someone, that song going nowhere. And if you go into the studio and record a song because you hate something, that song not going nowhere. But when your intention and your motivation is love, then your motivation is also eternal. And we say, more love goes out to everyone who support the music and the movement. If you’re happy and you love it, say LOVE! Brooklyn say LOVE over everything!”

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