WATCH THIS: Jah9 “Prosper” Official Music Video

“Be Confident In All We Do And Say”

Jah9 has just released the video for “Prosper,” the fourth video from her latest album “9.” The video directed by Samo Kush-I, was shot in black and white complete with a vintage 35mm camera feel, as Jah9 sings encouraging lyrics of spirituality and empowerment in a relaxed and calming voice. “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing to the highest level,” says Jah9. “And the time we spend in service to high upful endeavors serves to build. The chorus of the song is an affirmation, a mantra, a spell that can be used daily to empower. The outside world will seem less intimidating when we feel more empowered and less insecure about our value.” Video After The Jump…

“The service is the worship so let the will of the Most High prevail” Let it go…

Earlier this year Jah9 spent time as Chronixx opening act for the United States Chronology tour. Jah9 says she found the experience “Inspiring and educational, I was humbled and grateful for the opportunity to present on that scale at this time.” Currently she[s preparing for her very own West Coast tour where she will be performing—at this point—13 shows in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. The artist says people that come to her shows can expect “fire and water.” As soon as that tour ends, she will then start a tour in Europe. Works and more works—ah so the empress “Prosper.”

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