Seanizzle Realizes His Higher Purpose In Music

A Life Threatening Accident Causes Seanizzle to Produce Music With A Message

In the fall of 2016, Sean Reid, Seanizzle was basking in the glory of the “47 Floor” riddim, with it’s bosterous trumpet propagating over waves of jazz sounds.  Two months later, on November 27, 2016,  the producer experienced moments that changed his life forever. As Seanizzle recovered at Kingston Public Hospital, he felt thankful to be alive and had a greater appreciation for making music. We spoke with Seanizzle about his musical path and spiritual enlightenment. More After The Jump…


Angel: Greetings Seanizzle

Seanizzle: Greetings Angel

Angel: How did you get that name?

Seanizzle: In high school,  I went to Pembroke Hall here in Jamaica.  I was into Snoop Dog and Elephant Man, so I would come to school and say things with -izzle behind it. I just like the way it sounded. Thats what I was doing with everything I said and then one day someone was calling me out loud and they said “Seanizzle” and thats what everybody began calling me. But my actual name is Sean Reid.

Angel: Cool, how did you find your way to music?

Seanizzle: In high school too,  my friend Orville and I started a soundsystem called “Murda Maffia” and we worked with other deejays on mixtapes. From doing this I became interested in beat making. A producer named Mr. G, heard my beats and helped me to produce my first riddim, ” Step Father” riddim and market it to artists. Author Whales was also a producer I worked with and I gradually developed from a beatmaker to someone who could produce and engineer music. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to learn and study from the ones doing this before me.

Angel: Tell me about your first riddim that gained you recognition

Seanizzle: Ok the one where people started to notice my work was the “Reverse Riddim” and Beenie Man was the first artist to jump on it  with “Reverse Di Ting,”
followed by Tony Matterhorn with “Siddung Pon It.”

My next big riddim was  in 2010, called the “Creeper Riddim” and Elephant Man made “Gully Creepa” which was a really big dance in dancehall.

Then my name was really out there and artists wanted to collaborate with me musically. I also naturally began writing and became an artist in addition to producer, with the song “One Day” on

the “Split Personality Riddim.” This riddim lead to two break out artists Khago and Zamunda on the riddim.

The Khago song was “Nah Sell Out” and Zamunda with” Beat Them Bad.” Other artist on this riddim were – Future Fambo, I- Octane,  Mr. G, Mavado and Beenie Man. I also made the 37 Psalm riddim.

Angel: Thats a deep Psalm, “Fret not thyself.” Are you a spiritual person?

Seanizzle: Always. I grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Angel: Thats a very bible based church, I had this upbringing too.

Seanizzle:  Very, I appreciate having this foundation now, especially in the world we are living in. Charly Black did a great song on the 37 Psalm riddim called “Loyalty.” It’s a reggae riddim.

Angel: True, so at what point did you realize you made it and your life would never be the same?

Seanizzle: That would be when Steelie and Clevie called me in regards to my “Reverse” riddim. I thought it was a friend pranking me or something. They invited me  to the studio and I went the same day. I learned so much from them about producing. Other producers that I learned a lot from were Bobby Digital and Don Corleon. Don really gave me great career advice. They all paved the way for me.

Angel: How did your life change on November 27?

Seanizzle: Yes, I almost lost my life in a car crash on November 27. I had just had a really big riddim too, the 47th floor riddim two months before this.

Angel: Glad you are still here to talk about it.

Seanizzle: Yeah, we just recorded in the studio and everybody was hungry so to thank the artists for contributing their time I decided to go get food.Well a car hit me and my car spinned out of control. I was in a coma for 2 days in Kingston Public Hospital.

Angel: Did you have any fractures or organ damage?

Seanizzle: I almost lost my eye because I fractured the bones around it and I had to do surgery; to remove the pieces and prevent damage to my eye.

Angel: How did this experience change you as a person and the way you produce music?

Seanizzle: Going through this made me appreciate life a million times more than before. I just really value life, I appreciate the ability to do music. It also made me want to acknowledge the Most High God more than before and make spiritual and positive music. In February 2017, I produced the “Motivation” riddim, and all the songs are really positive:  Christopher Martin- “Stop Violence Against Women.”

Angel: Truth Christopher Martin speak. Loud!

Seanizzle: Big! Thats one of my best riddims I feel proud of the songs on this riddim. Demarco – “Something To Think About,” Jahmiel-“Believe,” Vershon- “Mama,” Nadg-“Give Thanks.” Bugle, Vershon, Busy Signal, I-Octane, Jah Vinci, a lot of artist did their thing on this one. Nadg is an artist on my label.


Angel: What’s next for you?

Seanizzle:  The Brighter Day riddim was another positive riddim, or a riddim that resulted in a song with a positive message.  This song is about the accident:  Busy Signal – “Brighter Days”

Working on my artistry and  I just released a song last month, “Mona She Deh,” so working on the video next then traveling, touring.

Angel: Wishing you the best Sean, keep up the excellence and  thank you for sharing with Boomshots Magazine.

Seanizzle: You are welcome and thank you very much.

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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