Macka Diamond: Diamonds Are Forever

 Macka Diamond Keeps Getting Better With Time

Dancehall artist Macka Diamond plans to take her career to the next level in 2017.  With the release of a new single, “25 inches,” her signature high-pitched, breathy vocals sound more fierce than ever. The dancehall arena is for the survival of the fittest and Macka shows that she is fully equipped with promotional photographs in full body paint. Collaborating with the best producers, she aspires to drop a one drop album and embark on a U.S. Tour. This diamond shows clearly shows that she is cut by a cloth of longevity. We spoke to Macka Diamond about how she became an empowered woman in dancehall. Interview After The Jump


Angel: Macka Diamond, It’s an honor

Macka Diamond: Thank you so much, Angel

Angel: How do you feel about the increase prevalence of violence towards women?

Macka Diamond: I feel unsafe and pressured because women, in general, are not protected and loved but abused and disrespected. This is a cultural problem really because domestic violence has been an ongoing issue but we are so used to not talking about it, hiding this issue. Now too many women are dying at the hands of men they were in relationships with. Woman are more likely to leave a man if it’s not working but then there can be life-threatening retaliation from being brave, that’s where the protection is needed.

Angel: Do you have advice to women who are in relationships with violence?

Macka Diamond: I say get help and don’t tolerate abuse. Eventually, you can die and your children can suffer your loss or loose their lives also. There are programs available.

Angel: Great advice Macka Diamond, Safe Horizon is one of the organizations we have in the United States where woman may receive safety housing, counseling, child care and legal assistance. Tell me about yourself and how you developed into the Queen you are.

Macka Diamond: Well when I’m not on stage like today I am simply, Charmaine, laid back, peaceful quiet but I also have a feisty and miserable side too. Charmaine loves cooking and being with her family. Macka Diamond is the performer, the entertainer, she is most happy when she performs. She is fierce, outgoing and sexy. Both sides of me give me balance. I can’t leave this gift God gave me. This keeps me strong; the love of music sustains me. As long as I have it in me I’m going to give my best.

Angel: I must say that your vocals on the single 25 inches are definitely the best I have heard from you!

Macka Diamond: You know everybody is saying that. The ironic thing is that the day I recorded I was feeling sick, I was put on bed rest by the doctor because I had “Chicken Gunia” virus but I still went to the studio to record.

Angel: You are a real soldier. I saw that video when the guy pulled your wig off at “Ghetto Splash 2016” and you kept performing.

Macka Diamond: If you know how embarrassed I felt when Sample Man did that. I usually pin my wigs down, but I was rushing that day. When it happened, I was performing so well that I could really feel the crowd. The moment that happen I felt like crying and vulnerable.

I decided to laugh it off and keep performing. I was met with a lot of love from the deejays and crowd there because they were all astonished that I continued to do what I came there to do, perform.

Angel: That showed a lot of strength and humility.

This keeps me strong; the love of music sustains me. As long as I have it in me , I’m going to give my best.” -Macka Diamond

Macka Diamond: Thank you. I was surprised myself because I was walking off the stage feeling so upset and embarrassed but people started bigging me up and I felt much better. Reflecting on everything, I took many hits in my career but I continued moving forward each time.

Angel: Tell me more about that.

Macka Diamond: Yeah after that Sting with Lady Saw, I kind of went into a depression because felt like my career was shut down. Then I decided it would be up to me if that happened or not.

Angel: I’m glad you put your best effort forward and with this hit single, “25 inches,”  it seems to be really paying off. How did you come up with the song?

Macka Diamond: Hitmaker made the fornication riddim and we worked on the lyrics together. I wanted my vocals to sound really pretty over the riddim. We just did our thing with this song and the response to the song has been amazing with all the dance videos being made.

Angel: I see all the dance videos on social media and I realize that this song really makes people feel sexy in their own skin.

Macka Diamond: Yes, the ladies are feeling confident and sexy at any size, weight, and age.

Angel: That’s a powerful effect! Especially when the song is really about the size of a man. But it goes deeper because of how women are interpreting the song and embracing themselves.

Macka Diamond: I love that this song is making women feel strong. I knew it was a great song but I did not know how women were really feeling it until all the videos on social media. Then it felt like a movement.

Angel: How did you come to this place in your life, Macka Diamond, where everyone is just admiring you as a woman and artist?

Macka Diamond: My father was best friends with Gregory Isaacs and was a dub poet and producer that owned a record shop. But I did not really see him like that because I lived with my mom. I learned more about him and his music when I started leaving the house at night to go sing and deejay and my mom would beat me and tell me I take after my dad with the music thing; “Ah you father you take after.”

After high school, I started hanging around other people who liked music. I would go to King Jammy studio. I was working with King Tubby and was calling myself Sista Charmaine. I was going to do a counteraction, a song is made and then when you make an answer back tune, it’s called a “counteraction.” That was big in those times, so there was this song “Don Man” and I made “Don Girl.” But everyone said I needed a catchy name, so we changed it to Lady Mackerel. After a while, I wanted to change my name again. So my sister Ingrid was living in New York and they called her “Diamond.” I told her ” I’m going to thief you name. “So this little girl around the way used to say “Macka” because she could not say “Mackerel.” Then this birthed the name, “Macka Diamond.” I started doing stage shows with this name and people were really feeling it. Lady G put my voice over one of her riddims and that was a big break for me because the song was sent to VP records and I got the word back that people were asking about me. Later in 2012 I did a counteraction to the Vybz Kartel song, “Tek Buddy Gal” and it was entitled “Tek Con.” I started booking shows in Ocho Rios and started making the front page of the Jamaica Star after my shows. I thought to myself like you buss now keep going. My first big tune featuring Blacker- “Bun Him” produced by Christopher Birch of Big Yard Music.

I continued recording, songs like “Done Already,’ “Lexus and Benz,” ‘Hula Hoop,” “Sandy Dancy” and “Cow Foot. But “Dye Dye” was my next hit followed by “Twist Me” and “Body Calling.”

Angel: Love the storytelling aspect of “Dye Dye,’ what a hit! With “Body Calling,” the visual showed your humorous side yet the video still came off real sexy.

Macka Diamond: True people loved the “Body Calling”  video and my expressions; it was directed by Dexter “3D” Pottinger. After that one, worked with Producer, Troyton on a song called “Mosquito Wand,” followed by a gospel song called, “My Prayer.” In this song, I wanted to just speak about God because I was going through so much and he gave me a lot of strength. Then I recorded “Shake,” and  now “25 inches.”

Angel: What’s next for you?

Macka Diamond: Released the clean and explicit versions of my “25 inches” on onstage last weekend. The promotion for that song has been really good. I have a VISA but working on my work permit so I can tour in the US. I have a one drop that I’m going to drop. I’m working with top producers  on this project, like Dean Fraser, Anju Blaxx and Buju Banton son, Markus Myrie.

Angel: So much more in store, I’m wishing you the best Macka. You look great with that body paint and muscle man.

Macka Diamond: Thank you! That’s my friend boyfriend . He was shy to do the video too but it was a good look. Thank you Angel for this and thank you to Team Boomshots for supporting Macka Diamond.

Macka Diamond is shining brightly in 2017. With the release of a new single containing her best vocals to date and a double entrende about a man’s size and female empowerment, Macka sparked a social media movement. Now the ambitious Queen in Dancehall, is preparing a one drop album and for a U.S. Tour.  It was truly an honor to speak with this diamond cut by many experiences but still prevailing.

New Macka Diamond Video -“25 inches” 

**********”Hey Baby, I Coming To See You” (Macka Diamond US Tour Coming Soon)************

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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