Orlando Octave: Deeper Than Soca

A Thought Provoking  Soca Song Makes It All The Way To The International Soca Monarch Finals

When Orlando Octave’s father entered him into a local television competition in Trinidad, his life changed forever.  After, a few local hits, he wrote a breakthrough song “Single,” that catapulted him to a spot in the International Soca Monarch Finals. We spoke to him a few days before  the competition to learn the message behind this smash hit. Interview After The Jump…


Angel: Orlando Octave! I am happy for you and Linky First making it for the 25 Finalists for International Soca Monarch.

Orlando: I feel good about it. It’s a good mix in these finals. Hard work pays off and it’s a lot of new faces. I’m wishing everyone the best, including my brethren Linky.

Angel: How did you come to write the smash hit “Single”?

Orlando: Reading the bible I came to understand myself and who we are as a people. I am an Israelite and I was reading the laws in the books of the old testament and it continuously mentions that there will be seven women to one man. I realize this is true in nature too, when you look at the lion’s pride. But I realize that everything is kinda in opposition to what is natural. There are a lot of things going on that are against nature. The roles are reversing and now women are with several men.

Angel: And acting like they single! Why do you think this is happening?

Orlando: Now that more men are incarcerated, in relationships with other men, dying to senseless acts of violence things have really changed. Women are acting like men now.

Angel: I respect that you brought a conscious vibe with this soca song, where people could think about the lyrics from a social context.

Orlando: I definitely evolved as an artist and person. With age comes maturity and I wanted to sing about things I think deeply about from a spiritual perspective.

Angel: Let’s talk about that evolution, how did this all begin for you?

Orlando: I remember when I was turning 9 years old and my dad asked me what I want for my birthday. I told him I wanted enter the TV 6 competition at Brian Lara Promenade in Port of Spain. Winning this competition earned me studio time. The first track I recorded was a Christmas vibe – “Drummer Boy.” From there I recorded “More Soca,” “Read The Bible”. “Read The Bible” was actually a reggae track. My mom was a Baptist Pastor and my Dad was in a supervisory position in the government for Trinidad and Tobago. But my Dad also was in a band and would sing and do gigs in the community. So my parents really had an influence on my life. Then I recorded more local hits like “Darkie” a reggae tune as well, which shows admiration for women with melanin. I also did some other reggae tunes like “Come In,” and “Beautiful.”



and more way before “Single.”

Angel: How did you come up with the concept for “Single”?

Orlando: I just finished a studio session and headed to Central Records to listen to the Lackaz’s  Power Soca riddim and I just started singing the chorus “Plenty gal have man and acting like they single” over the riddim just like that di vybz went from the chorus. Emmanuel Rudder , Dale Ryan and  Brandon Villafana then added to the lyrics.

Angel: Where did this chorus line come from?

Orlando: Just things that I am seeing, hearing and feeling. Yeah you know me, friends, family members and the many stories of love and heartbreak.

Angel: I understand but you surely triumphed this time, I am wishing you all the best in the finals.

Orlando: Give thanks Angel, I really appreciate it and thank you to Boomshots.

New Song From Orlando Octave – “Poverty Is Hell”

“Too much woman dying. Let we make sense and I starting with this, Protect our woman, they does bring we children.” – Orlando Octave’s 2017 Soca Monarch Finals Performance


Orlando placed second out of 25 in the International Soca Monarch Finals. Voice, won first place  for International Soca Monarch for two consecutive years 2016 and 2017. Devon Matthews placed 3rd and Iwer George 4th in this year’s competition.

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Cover Photograph by Teeography

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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