Kelissa Captivates Fans with “Spellbound” EP

New EP is Uniquely Outstanding

Kelissa’s recent Spellbound project isn’t your run-of-the-mill reggae EP, it’s a resurrection in the form of roots renaissance recordings. Spellbound takes the listener to Reggae’s remotest regions and ventures beyond into the exotic. The EP contains 11 tracks, including three extended interludes and two dubs. The interesting instrumentals including Native American drums and flute, in conjunction with thought provoking lyrics, makes this EP a force to be reckoned with. More After The Jump…

The title track is a compelling composition with a poetic flow.  Saxophone riffs create an easy listening experience. The song climaxes in chimes and chanting over a breakdown of primal drums.The second track is the familiar stone-ground jam-down roots and culture song,  “Wake Up and Live,” featuring Jesse Royal. “Best Kept Secret” contains soft sounds and content about feminine vulnerability. The trombone solo by Nambo Robinson adds to the melancholy feel of the tune. The incendiary song, “Topsy Turvy” talks about journeying through life with the forces of Babylon.

The interludes  keep the thesis cohesive, and the listener engaged. “Take Your Time” is a soulful lover’s rock song. “How Many More” contains passionate pleas to “organize and centralize, come as one” because of the violence plaguing society.

Kelissa takes her time to paint her portraits in the vortex of her recording canvas. If redefining what has been defined as the “roots revival” is one of her objectives, then Kelissa has succeeded in making this a dynamic category of music which cannot be labeled. Kelissa takes the listener on a  journey through her life experiences and womanhood.

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