Busy Signal “Fresh From Yaad” Album Review

The Newly Energized Entertainer Hints That A Busy Signal U.S. Tour Is In The Works

Reanno Gordon, Busy Signal continues to stand out as an artist in 2017. He stepped out onto the musical scene in 2002, modeling his career after international reggae icon, Bounty Killer.  Now he has an even clearer vision for his future with his new VISA status. In January, Busy Signal visited New York for a quick media run with  Ebro Darden, Laura Styles, Funk Masterflex,Bobby Konders and Jabba for Hot 97 FM and Reshma B for Boomshots TV (four-part interview at the end of article) to discuss his new EP, Fresh From Yaad.  Following this, Busy embarked on an European Tour and this week he revived up his fans in the U.S. with a tweet:  “Coming to a city near you. Wherever in world you are! ASAP- Turf President.” In light of the impending tour, this article will serve to give an in-depth review of the Fresh From Yaad EP. Album Review After The Jump

Busy Signal – “Step Out” (2006)

Bounty Killer and Busy Signal Step Out in Black

 Album Review

In-depth, track by track analysis of Busy Signal’s “Fresh FromYaad” EP

The first single on this album, “Dubs” is a testament to Busy Signal’s skills in terms of dubplates. He rearranges the chorus of Brian Mcknight’s “Crazy Love” to: “We drop dubs, dubs, dubs, crazy dubs” with soft and sultry vocals. This is followed by the love ballad, “What Do You See?” featuring Busy the Singer and Busy the Deejay.

This versatile artist shines a light on a love song with poignant lyrics,  Thriller U-“I’ll Prove It .”* Busy makes an entirely new song from the first few lines of the aforementioned tune. The love continues with a catchy, futuristic song entitled, “Company.”  Busy uses animated vocals to emphasize his vulnerability in the song’s lyrics.  The album then reaches a higher level of consciousness with the revolutionary tune, “Free Up.”  Busy sings out “Free Up Black People” as he discusses removing the “mental shackles” of oppression over the “Cold Heart” riddim (produced by Robert Livingston of Big Yard Music). This socially conscious tune is so relevant to the times, especially when just this week a U.S. Army veteran, James Harris Jackson killed Timothy Caughman in New York City during his hunting expedition with black men as his target.

Busy Signal – “Free Up”

Fresh from Yaad” the album’s title track, a hip hop-reggae fusion, gives fans a preview of what to expect during Busy Signal’s upcoming tour across the United States and globally. The lyrics express the artist’s excitement to vibe with fans and that he has been mastering his craft for this time; “when you see me, when you see me, when you see me.

‘Fresh From Yaad, Me Ah Di Best From Yaad”

In Out of Many (One) Busy Signal gives a classic retro reggae vibe with remnants of  Shelly Thunder-Kuff. In the original tune, Shelly Thunder expresses why womanizing men deserve a “Kuff” or a verbal punch in the face, because of the nonsense they put women through. In Busy Signal’s version, he lists “Dirty Heart,””Badmind,” “Beggy Beggy,”””Raper Bwoy,”  “Pedaphile,” as example of personas deserving of “Kuff .” In the video directed by Dameon Gayle, The Turf President is dressed as a Sheikh and  delivers rich lyrics over the “Magic Moment” riddim produced by King Jammy. This  video was shot in Zimbawe and ends with Busy delivering a rap in an African accent (the accent sounded authentic) over an afrobeat.

Busy Signal -Out of Many (One)

The artist is receiving many kudos from various deejays and fans for the song, “Bwoy Full of Chat.” In this song Busy sounds strikingly similar to Ninja Man over the Sleng Teng riddim, as he mimics Ninja Man’s  stuttering style in “Murder Dem.”

The soothing sound of an acoustic guitar, let’s  the listener know that the lyrical storm has passed and we are about to revisit the softer, sunnier side of Busy Signal again. He ends this EP with an inspirational track, which cites Psalms 1 and states his purpose in life: ” Gonna heal this world with love, giving praises to the father above.”

The “Fresh From Yaad” EP is a collector’s item with 8 distinct tracks. The EP uniquely flashed back to songs that have not been in rotation for awhile and in some instances, not to a chorus (where you can easily find the song title and trace back the song) but sometimes just reflecting on the beginning of a song. Through this creative masterpiece, Busy Signal pays homage to the veteran artists that paved the way before him. Throughout the album, Busy Signal shows remarkable versatility across genres,  as he spreads messages of love, empowerment and strength. Busy Signal takes the listener on a journey through time with him, to the music which influenced and inspired him to be the artist he is today.

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*Acknowledgement:  Thank you Mix Master J from London for contributing to the review of  the song, “What Do You See?” 

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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