Kashie Khaos Queening with New Single, “Royal Romance”

Exclusive Interview with New Artist, Kashie Khaos

With breathy Macy-Gray like vocals, new artist Kashie Khaos, lyrically delivers on her debut single, “Royal Romance.” Kashie’s early years as a poet lead her to publish 4 free-style books. This poetic foundation furnished her ability to write songs and  to capture her beliefs with lyrical prowess. We spoke to this artist about her creative process and what inspires her music. Interview After The Jump…


Angel Love: Blessings and Love Queen Kashie Khaos

Kashie Khaos: Blessings and Love Angel

Angel Love: You have an interesting sound on this first single, “Royal Romance.” It reminded me of Macy Gray’s “I Try.” How would you describe your music?

Khashie Khaos: My music is a mixture of rocksteady reggae, lover’s rock, rockers reggae and neo soul.  This song was produced by Scifii. I love Macy Gray! I also really admire Lauryn Hill and India Irie. I really try and write to infuse love and truth in my music, like India does in the context of a relationship. Furthermore, I try to capture those seeds that are the truth of His Majesty, in terms of what it means to have a righteous relationship in “Royal Romance.”

Angel Love: I really appreciated the lyrics of this song. Before we dive into this song lyrically, how did you find your way to music?

Kashie Khaos: I would do musical covers in talent shows, weddings anywhere with a listening audience. I was comfortable doing so because I have always been around music since I know myself. My parents are West African; my mother sings and plays the piano and my father sings and plays guitar. My brother is a rapper and drummer, so its hard to escape music when it is all around you.

Angel Love: I see, so where did you grow up?

Kashie Khaos:  I grew up in California

Angel Love: Nice. Lyrically you coin the term, “Queening'” in your new song. I really like that. Let’s talk about this term

Kashie Khaos: By Queening – I mean be able to help your people by spreading a message to encourage your fellow sisters and brothers, sowing positive seeds into people that embrace culture.

Angel Love: Interesting, so within the context of the song, it describes how your partner is making you feel in terms of respect and such.

Kashie Khaos: Exactly it describes how a woman feels being in a healthy loving relationship

Angel Love: Such a beautiful term in terms of what it connotes. I like that you mention Damian “Jr Gong” Marley’s lion mane. Have you ever seen him in concert where he does a spin and his locs swing around?

Kashie Khaos: Oh Yes that Crown! His antennae swinging around. Jah mek no mistakes. I mention  his crown to tell people not to mold to match what is beautiful in society and all the propaganda we face when it comes to the world view of beauty- with the numerous perm commercials. We need to be strengthened by accepting ourselves.

Angel Love: Natural Beauty, I like that you really embrace this and you have a beautiful crown as well. So what’s next for you?

Kashie Khaos: Thank you sis. I’m working on the video for “Royal Romance.” I am also trying to decide on which single I want to release as a follow up and then next year around this time I want to release my EP entitled, “Seeds and Sacrifice.”

Angel Love: Seeds and Sacrifice eh?

Kashie Khaos: I titled it “Seeds and Sacrifice” because when you are aware of the will of the Almighty truth- some may not be accepting of it and that is where sacrifice comes in. In any regard, we must spread these seeds of knowledge in order for others to embrace the truth.

Angel Love: What do you want fans to know about Kashie Khaos and her music?

Kashie Khaos: I am a servant of the Most High and my music is the vehicle of choice to spread his message. I endeavor to spread love and evoke consciousness of the masterful creation that You are in a world that uses its power to distract you from that truth. Remember, you are the guardian, the groundskeeper, the griot of your love and culture. Guard it. Grow it. Do not be its grave.

Angel Love: I want to thank you for your eloquent thoughts and for sharing with Boomshots Magazine.

Kashie Khaos: This is my first article and I am so honored to be featured in Boomshots. Thank you Angel!

Interview By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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