HEAR THIS: Thornato ft. Gappy Ranks “Rhinoceros” PREMIERE

You Coulda Have the Heart of A Lion, Speed of a Cheetah…

Since the success of his 2014 release “Gaita Gaita,” Queens-based producer Thor Partridge aka Thornato has been making waves around the world as a beat maker and remixer. His new project Bennu showcases the talents of versatile vocalists from around the globe. UK grime-turned-dancehall don Gappy Ranks  features on “Rhinoceros,” which Boomshots proudly premieres today. “The beat that I initially created and sent to Gappy ended up morphing into something completely different once I received his vocals,” Thornato recalls. ” I ended up stripping everything down to let Gappy’s powerful voice take the lead.  The synth is inspired by an ancient Greek bagpipe called ‘Askaulos.’ I heard a solo performance that was incredibly haunting and unique and I immediately thought it would make a great lead synth sound.” Once this riddim gets rolling, it’s oddly reminiscent of the sound of a thousand stampeding rhinoceri. Audio After The Jump…

“Run when you see the rhinoceros!” Run that…

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  2. Wren says:

    Absolutely love this track! Just like Chapinero when I first heard it, it was an instant hit in my playlist. I’m curious what the rhythm is based on? Is there a name for this beat you use? Keep it up and thank you! <3

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