WATCH THIS: Chronixx “Majesty” Official Music Video

Chronixx Chooses Love Over Lust

Inspired by the Studio One Soul Selection, I’ll Be Around” by Otis Gayle as well as The Techniques“Queen Majesty,” Chronixx song “Majesty” is a beautiful love ballad from the “Roots and Chalice” mixtape, a collaboration with Federation Sound. The lyrics emphasize developing a spiritual before physical connection which opposes  the message perpetuated through  popular music today—across all genres. The emphasis of a mental and emotional bond between a man and woman, are woven intricately throughout the lyrics of the song. Messages of monogamy stand out boldly along with the paradigm that true love should emanate from a pure and humble place. Now fans have the opportunity to view the visual interpretation of this song. Video After The Jump…


Before I hold you in my arms, I want to hold you in my heart / Before we share our love upon a bed, I want to place this crown upon your head”

The video directed by Che Kothari and Chronixx  is sheer visual magic, replete with the images of Jamaica’s blue waters and lush green lands.

It was my pleasure to direct this video with Chronixx, which serves to honor both the divine feminine and glorious mother nature as the true definitions of “Majesty,” celebrating the intersection through the wonder and journey of child birth.” -Che Kothari

This video is refreshingly rich in realistic illustrations of spirit and love, with images of yoga and familial bonding.  There is a natural chemistry between Chronixx and leading lady in the video, Danielle McNish. All of a sudden, the water breaks representing a foreshadowing of what’s to come. The time draws near for labor and delivery of a new baby.  Analogously, Chronixx’s highly anticipated debut album Chronology is set for release in early 2017.


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  1. mike says:

    Nice smooth melodic Jam, very easy on the ears, with a purpose, also shows his versatility,

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