WATCH THIS: Jah9 “Unafraid” Official Music Video

Lioness Order Lays Down The Law

A lot of times when an artist starts to grow in popularity they tend to avoid rocking the boat and shun material that some may find controversial. That isn’t the case with Jah9 who has just released a video for the song “Unafraid,” which deals with the taboo subject of child molestation. When she sings “Nasty likkle teacher bwoy touching on my nephew, stirring up the dragon in my head,” the outrage is understandable. But lines like “Willing to stick a head ‘pon a fence” will definitely make some people uncomfortable. Boomshots reached out to the artist for some insight. “We’re not promoting violence,” she explained, “but we’re not promoting complacency about such a serious thing.” Video and Interview After The Jump…

“The initial inspiration for the song was an incident that happened with my own nephew,” says Jah9. “He was treated very roughly by one of his teachers at school and it just brought to mind a lot of the times teachers and other adults who have responsibilities over children take out their issues on innocent children who are under their care. Now while that was a simple issue it brought to mind a lot of the more serious issues like the things we hear in the news, the statistics we see about children being molested, child trafficking, and just all of the things that are perpetrated against the most innocent members of our society.”

The song is also a call to women to form a bond with each other and to show no fear when it comes to keeping children safe.

“I wanted to connect with other sisters on something we all have in common,” Jah9 states, “that primal instinct to protect the young,” she said. “Because sometimes we subdue that instinct because society might think of us as being difficult, or we might just feel powerless. I wanted to remind my sisters that there is power in numbers and that we have a responsibility to the youth, that we are the gate keepers, and as a result we can’t shy away from the responsibility to protect our youth and to inspire men and everyone to do the same.”

Jah9 feels that there are steps that society can take to ensure the safety of children from adults who are a threat to their welfare.

“When you talk about molestation and predatory behavior, we’re talking about mental disease, we’re talking about psycho-social issues that we can’t conquer over night,” explains Jah9. “These are issues like sexual deviants where people are put into prison for this kind of behavior and they have the highest rate of recidivism, which means they are the most likely to repeat offend and as such we have to deal with this as an extremely serious threat. We have to put things in place to ensure that children are protected, we need to know who these people are, we have to ensure that they are people who are willing to take the necessary steps, whatever those steps are to correct their behavior or to keep themselves away from the things that make them aggressive in this way, which is children. If they are not willing we have to stand up and put ourselves between our children and them by whatever means are necessary.”

“This is warfare, this is not a drill” Run that….

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