HEAR THIS: Slim Smith “Rougher Yet”

Special Request to the Trump Posse

Those who happened to be in London when the Brexit vote went down will recognize the sense of disbelief sweeping America on this morning after. It soon became clear that many people didn’t actually understand what they had voted for. (Google searches for “What is Brexit?” and “What is the EU?” spiked just AFTER the referendum was passed.) The same holds true in this disgraceful presidential race, and as with Brexit, the repercussions of Trump’s victory are just beginning. Audio & Argument After The Jump…

Many of the Donald’s supporters are not really supporters as much as they are opposers. To be honest, many of Clinton’s supporters were disgruntled Bernie backers who voted for Hillary simply as a way to try and defeat Trump. Remember the sense of exhilaration and excitement around the first Obama campaign? People who never took part in politics before were volunteering, going door to door, talking about ideas and possibilities and positive change. We heard none of that this year.

For the past eight years the Trump bloc has tried without success to wrap their minds around the concept of a Black president. The very idea shook the foundations of their worldview, challenging all that they hold sacred. The fact that he did a good job as leader of the free world was beside the point for most of them. Just as eight years of Dubya was a perfect springboard for Obama to make history, eight years of Obama has set the stage for a pendulum swing in the opposite direction. As Van Jones aptly put it last night, what we are witnessing is a “Whitelash.” Nobody in the media took Trump seriously because his candidacy is the biggest joke in American history. Now the joke is on us.

The “short-fingered vulgarian” (as the late great Spy magazine used to describe him) rode a wave of fear and loathing—not to mention hatred and stupidity—all the way from Mar-a-Lago to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Trump—let the phrase roll off your tongue. How does that sound? Do his supporters understand what his presidency will actually mean for them? Do they have any clue what his policies will be? Does HE have any clue what his policies will be? Absolutely not. Lace up your boots America: Just like the man Slim Smith once sang: “Look here children, it’s gonna get rough.”

“Can’t You Feel It? Even on the street sometimes” Run that…

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