WATCH THIS: Raging Fyah “Dash Wata” Official Music Video

Go Ahead And Go Chasing Waterfalls

The latest single off Raging Fyah’s third album, Everlasting, has a brand new splashy video shot in the most amazing waterfall this side of Niagra—and with a tune like this you won’t need Viagra. You see, Raging Fyah’s song, producde by Lamar “Riff Raff” Brown, isn’t actually about water per se. It’s sorta like a metaphorical kinda thing—or is that a simile? Remember when Ludacris dropped that “Splash Waterfalls” joint? This is kinda like that, only reggaematically inclined. Why not just watch for yourself? Video After The Jump…

“Mmm-hmm Dash Wata, gi yuh the son or the dawta” Run that…

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