Damian Marley’s “Joint Venture” in the Ganja Business: “You’re not a Criminal for Smoking Herb”

Gongzilla Sets Up Shop,  Forbes Takes Notice

“It goes without saying that for marijuana the attraction is very natural,” says Damian Jr. Gong Marley in a new interview with Forbes magazine. “Damian Marley Invests in Marijuana Futures” reads the headline in the respected business publication covering the news about the reggae star’s joint venture with Ocean Grown Extracts. As part of their new start-up, Marley and Ocean Grown will be turning a vacant Coalinga, California prison into a medical marijuana manufacturing plant, which Ocean Grown will provide to dispensaries. “I want my kids to look back and be proud of me and say I didn’t sell my soul to earn a dollar, that is very important to me,” he told ForbesContinued After The Jump…

The artist who sang about entrepreneurship on his hit single “Set Up Shop” has proven to be a successful businessman as well as a musician, making waves in the cruise industry with his Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise—which sets off on its third annual voyage November on an even bigger ocean liner this year. Meanwhile Jr. Gong’s new album Stony Hill is due to drop later this year. Safe to say Jr. Gong is handling his biz.

Marley has also opened a large dispensary in Colorado opposite Mile High Stadium. Depending how things go in the coming elections, he hopes to open more eventually: “anywhere you can open a dispensary, so definitely here in California,” teaming with Ocean Grown is largely a statement. As a longtime smoker he is excited about the way that the marijuana laws are opening up, with the herb fully legal in Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska and on the ballot in California to go from medicinal to fully legal.

“The thing I enjoy the most about the progression of the herb, is the fact that we’re free,” he says. “You come to California, you get your license, you’re free, you’re not a criminal for smoking herb. That’s one of the only things that me personally would have an issue with law enforcement over the years because I’m big on herb. So outside all of these great other benefits I’m most happy that I can smoke herb and not be seen as a criminal. That, to me, is big for sure.”


Reasoning with Gongzilla

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