Boomshots Big Up: “Who Nuh Know Bella?”

Who’s That Gyal?

She’s lived life as a coked-out fairy with wings, launching into lanes of Oliver living legends, youtube rude and insta-famous. While Majah Hype remains ambiguous as to his indigenous, comedic lioness Bella Blair is unapologetic about her Jamaican genetics. She has been punching it on the Internet with the likes of “Poonchie,” a calling-card character, since 2011, blasting her Bella Blair Show and subsequent series. Bella Blair also caught eyes and ears with last year’s dancehall ditty “Good Gyal Anthem,” starring Poonchie, and the “Hotline Bling” parody, “Side Chick Bling.” BOOMSHOTS recently caught up with Bella at Irie Jam’s 23rd anniversary celebration concert during which Bella had made a well-received cameo. The Irie Jam appearance came amidst preparations for the official release of her island-pride-promoting single, “Jamaica,” a funky, sinister sonic, patois-peppered R&B tonic of a big up to Yard. Hard, smooth, cool and deadly on the rock steady with siren-like singing signifying that she ready. Video After The Jump…

With this interviewer initally unaware of the natural mystic that Bella has flowed through the air, Bella shared about being an artistic child prodigy, transitioning from Youtube star to recording artist, and assorted activities and upcoming plans. As Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness recently said: “Who nuh know Bella?”  Well, if you don’t know… now yuh know… COBO BOBO!!!

Reasoning with Bella Blair

Seet Deh Now…

In Comes The Ting Called…

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